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I Am A God Warrior

Tonight we watched Trading Spouses on Fox. I think it was a repeat or a best-of or something. I felt like we had seen a similar show like this before but it was different tonight.

Regardless, tonight’s episode was a doozie. Shit, if they are all this nuts, I might have to spend some more time on the Fox Network. Interesting equation. Crazy people and Fox Network. Hmmm.

Anyways. The Perrin Family was religious and the mother, Marguerite, was just downright psychotic, irrational and obsessive with her relationship with Jesus and her religiousness. The father appeared dislocated and distant, from what I feel was a defense or a survival mechanism. The kids appeared typical but restrained. At first, Marguerite, was just annoying and then you began to pity her. Not to mention feeling for the children that actually have to live with this insanity. And then it just became a circus and was humorous. The other family was just some neo-hippie family that believed in astrology and that was simply too much for a Jesus-totin’ woman from Louisiana to handle.

It is television at it’s finest, I tell you.

In house news, our kitchen sink got clogged up this evening for the first time. We tried the key on the bottom of the disposal. Even that elusive “reset” button. We tried the vinegar and baking soda. But what worked was the plunger. The last resort fixed the problem on the second plunge. I love simple machines.

And last but not least, my favorite Marguerite Perrin quotes from the show:

You look like Jesus, so I’m comfortable.

Find me a church!


Get the hell out of my house! In Jesus’ name, I pray.

She was tampering in dark-sided stuff! Gargoyles! Psychics!

Everything is ungodly!

‘Arson attacks’ hit US churches

As much as religion is a very small part of my life and I generally am appalled at most religious institutions in the United States, this is, yet again, two steps backwards as I doubt it has anything to do with religion.


Pope John Paul II

Jessica made a good point on her journal yesterday.

Since the Pope died a few days ago, I purposely stopped reading the news. It’s events like these that really force me hate the media. It has nothing to do with the Pope. Hell, I don’t really know much about the guy… But all this news seems a bit much and what’s the deal with not having a casket? I know having an open casket is foreign to us Jews, but being moved around on a platform with no casket? Seems kinda creepy to me… The Jews don’t have a be-all-and-end-all type character like the Pope, but I am sure we’d never prance our dead leader around like that. And it’s not to say we’re better. Who am I to say that. I think that might be one thing religion did teach me. But to me it seemed disrespectful. I guess it’s a Catholic thing and something I will never fully understand.

Religion is funny.

if it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative.