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Salt Lake City’s Squatters

I’ve never really been to a bar for the sole purpose of just getting a beer. I guess I’ve never really found the right place. I’ve slowly fallen in love with the Brickskeller. So I can now say I have a bar to go to that I can call mine. Or maybe soon.

Today I flew in to Salt Lake City. I got in around 4pm. Got my rental car (a Monte Carlo!) and headed from the airport to downtown Salt Lake. After getting moderately lost in the crazyness of the city, I got my bearings, and I found a road that took me to my hotel. After checking in, I watched some local news and after getting bored with that I hit the streets.

I’ve never really been to Salt Lake. However, I was here in January, but just for a night and wasn’t feeling adventurous. Perhaps it was the Rick Steves‘ Europe book I read on the plane. Who knows. But I was feeling like going out and finding a good brewpub. P.F. Changs was right down the street. So was Friday’s. Didn’t even consider them. I lucked out with my hotel in that there are about 3 brewpubs within walking distance. I made it to Squatters. They had a bunch of brews made there. About 12. The ambiance was nice. I ordered their Vienna Lager. And a burger. I finished the beer. The burger was left half eaten.

I even talked with people at the bar. There was a guy there from Los Angeles. He worked for GM. Grew up in Portland and we talked about Fat Tire. There was some other guy there who was working for the Senator of Mousourri. It was weird that I was so social. But it was fun. And the beer was great. Grrrrrreat.

Then I came home and watched 24. I have to review some more materials for my meetings in the next two days. So I didn’t get to check out the other pubs. Perhaps on Wednesday when I have some more time in the city.

Weird things happen in Salt Lake. I even talked to a random dude on the plane. We talked about traveling as he saw me reading my travel book. People are funny.

Oh yeah, and I had no problem getting a beer. There were no clubs. There were no fees. Total urban legend.

Off to Nashville / Memphis and Salt Lake City

So it’s official.

Next week I’ll be on travel to Tennessee to meet TN DOT. I’ll be in Nashville, Memphis and parts of eastern Arkansas. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with some old college friends at night. If you are an old college friend and are reading this and haven’t already heard about my trip, please get in touch with me so we can plan some time together.

The following week I’ll be in Salt Lake City meeting with developer team. It’s going to be a nice trip. I’ve worked out my two travel days to allow for roaming the city for the nights. I am looking forward to it and have already contacted Dooce to assist me in my travels. I hope she writes back. I wish I knew more people in Salt Lake City and knew what to do there.

And this time I get to take a DOT issued laptop. I imagine it will be a 386 16mhz type piece of poop. So hopefully it will not be a fast computer so I wont have the option of wasting my time with it for a few days.

In addition, I’ll be bringing my Nikon F100 with my f/2.8 lenses and a bunch of film. I hope to get back in to 35mm again. I think these travels will assist in that aspect of my life.