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he’s the dj and i’m the rapper

foot (8k image)What a weekend. And what a snotty nose. My nose is incredibly stuffed up from Emily’s cats. i basically got up at 9am cos Lulu was yelping and on my day off. So i came in here to play on the computer, get some work done and chat with Buddy on IM. Then I called back Feetnik in New Orleans cos she just moved there last week. It’s always pretty damn refreshing talking to her. It’s nice we can still be cool. At one point I didnt think that would happen and I am sure she thought the same. Maybe i’ll visit her soon or in the spring.

Friday we went to a semi-vege restaurant and then headed to this bar in a strip mall that turned out to be my most favorite place in Baltimore. It was this little dive, but a swank dive where they had killer good jazz. And mind you, it WAS in a strip mall. What the fuck?! It was really good jazz. Not whiteboy impersonations of it. And about halfway in to hanging out there I realized, me and Emily were the only white people there sans the bassist in the combo. The door man even made me take my hat off. It was cool. I felt at home with the good music and down to earth people. I need to go there more often. Fuck bars who spin records. Cos that’s all they do. Get it in your head. We all have a random button on our CD players. After that, we came home, but got a call from Maria asking us to come out to this place to hang. So we did that for a few. Maria can be a little much when in large groups. But she was mega cool with just a few people there. I was suprised. It was nice.

Saturday we went for a long walk around Emily’s hood. We went to this nice little cafe she had never been to and we both shared a roast beef sandwich with munster cheese. My favorite cheese. Lactaid to the rescue. It was just nice walking around in a city. One of my favorite things to do indeed. Then we came back home and got ready for dinner. We went to dinner at this place that Emily’s father had given her a mad huge gift certificate to for Christmas. So we all splurged and got two filet’s. They were tremendous. And I got this salad called an “iceberg wedge” and it was litterally just that. 25 cents worth of lettus for 5 bucks with bits of bacon. Gotta love swank cuisine. Eh. But it was really good. And we seemed to only talk about seducing the pre-pubescent bus boy and having sex in public. There was also this old lady couple sitting near us and one of the ladies talked like Marge’s sister. Uncanny.

After dinner we ran to Johns Hopkins to meet up with her friend Jessie to see the Sankofa African Dance Troupe. It was just great. And Jessie is one good looking girlie. I was in tears for the first half of the show. Just blew my mind away. I liked how the dancing wasnt perfect. It was very communal and not pristeen like your typical dance groups. It was just another way to do things and I liked it much more than traditional dance. Why dont people go to clubs to do this. It’s much more social. Fuck clubs who spin records. Anyways. If you get the chance, go see this group. It’s real. It’s moving. And the drums are immense and powerful. I need to play my djembe more. Nothing is better than covering your drum heads with your own blood. Nothing. Except for spinning records so hard that your fingers bleed. After that me and Emily headed to a bar to see a friend of hers that was spinning records. He was down to earth. The bar was boring. Never got the bar scene. I guess I was always spoiled in that I only had the sole pupose to being in bars to play in a band. Maybe it’s just me, but i’d rather chat with my friends in a cooler place than that. Eh.

Sunday we didnt do much of anything during the day. We ran around Rockville to get Bill a gift for his birthday. And we headed to Marrakesh in NW DC to celebrate his birthday. It was Moroccan food. It was 7 courses. It was really good. Chicken with powdered sugar is the bomb digity. There was even a belly dancer and the lebanese beer was good. My father learned lebanese at one point. Perhaps when he was stationed there in the Navy. So that was a lot of fun. Much more fun than I expected.

It’s monday. I am off. Prince is coming. To the Warner Threatre. My company owns it. I am gonna get good seats, I hope! I will see Prince. I will live life. I also took a buttload of fotos this weekend. Check them out.