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Satellite Party – “Wish Upon A Dog Star”

Satellite Party
Ultra Payloaded
Release Date: May 15, 2007

Satellite Party reveals “Wish Upon A Dog Star” ft. Fergie & Peter Hook

“In my story, there is this fellow Dog Star who is from the Cannus Major constellation (also known as Sirius or the Dog Star). He is the one whose ambition is to send energy waves to unlock and cultivate radiations of love to all of us. He is the reason why there’s a new consciousness that is starting to pervade across the planet that love will conquer all. When Dog Star and his entourage of sensuous dancers hit the party, the whole party breaks out in this amazing dance and really gets things going. Get your groove on, new shiny shoes on.” – Perry Farrell

AUDIO – Satellite Party – “Wish Upon A Dog Star”

Thanks, Joey, for the link. Like I told him, it is completely not what I had expected. For radio, it’s not that bad of a pop song. But for Perry, it’s not his best work. Hearing the rest of the record would be more definitive. However, I can say that the only worth-the-purchase post-Jane’s project was Porno For Pyros. Positives are that Peter Hook and Perry are working together. Peter Hook is quite possibly the best bassist, ever. Does anyone else think it sounds like the Polyphonic Spree? I still stand by the fact that “all star casts” (a la Woody Allen films, these days) are nails in the grave for my tastes.