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Sean and J’s Wedding Thong?

This past Saturday was the Wedding Party for our friends Sean and J. It was awesome and it was cool seeing everyone and getting to share such a special day with such great people like Sean and J. Aside from the wedding related madness there was this girl there. She danced a helluva a lot. A helluva lot. She did this sort of hopping/march dance. It was totally cool and stripped down. She was totally bubbly and quirky and seemed like someone we’d be friends with. She totally didn’t give a shit except for dancing and having a wonderful time. But regardless she looked like she was having a ball and that definitely entertained us all to no end. And I don’t think anyone really knew who she was or who she knew. People had ideas, but nothing was clear. The pictures of the event are here.

Oh and last Thursday we went to the Library of Congress to watch the David Bowie film, Just a Gigolo. The Film Registry is an amazing entity of our Government where we get to decide which movies are culturally important to preserve. I think we’re going to go more often now. And actually, re-reading this it kinda makes no sense. This is what they do:

In late 1996, the United States Congress passed landmark legislation creating the independent, nonprofit National Film Preservation Foundation, a public-private partnership to benefit the film preservation efforts of American film archives, historical societies and similar institutions.

damn smell instead of danielle

pearl-polaroid (7k image)This month is going to be a cluster fuck. It’s loaded with parties, paying photo shoots and rehearsals. It is a good thing. I kinda like this, but it will be nice when March comes around as February is all booked up solid. It’s nice to not sit around. Not that i really do that, but anyways. I am actually doing things with my time and I am being uber-productive. I love this shit.

So this morning me and Emily went to Dupont Circle to meet up with Leo who is the producer for the film we’re shooting stills for. Leo was his usual quirky self and bought us some breakfast. We both got green tea and i got a bagel with honey (good idea Leo) and Emily got a muffin with nuts. We just chit chatted for a bit to catch up with each other and then one of the models came to interview with us. She was really nice. She was tall and very attractive. She actually had a brain, too. Although she does live in Columbia which was definately out of character. Go figure. So she’ll work great and she had no problems with the nudity Emily is so about. I gots no problems there. It’s just really tricky to shoot nudes. But we’ll figure it out. I am not really worried about that.

After taking the Metro back we met up with Daniel to help us get the table we bought from Takoma Underground a month ago. We got there and met with the nice lady with the rather groomed eye brows and she showed us where the table was. We decided the best way to get this table out of there was to take off the legs. For some reason Daniel always gets very pro-active with the manual manly kinds of labor. Hell, i cant complain. So as he was unscrewing the legs, me and Emily would talk about how handy he was as all the cute girls would walk by. We had great intentions, but there was no humping going on. Maybe next time.

Then me and Daniel went back to my house to do what Music Life-Partners do. We rocked it. It was just us two this time, and shit – Mofo be tight. It’s not to say i dont enjoy working with more people with Silver Sessions it just seems to work the best with just Daniel and myself. This time Daniel hooked up a few mics to his kit with his new Blue Kustom amp. One on the bass drum with an MXR Blue Box and on one of his snares he put a flanger. It was super dope. My chops are still a little weak, but it’s still coming together and we actually worked on two songs. Two songs! That’s 10 minutes worth of a set. 1/6th of a set. Shit, we’re getting there and it’s rather exciting for me. Damn, the last time i was in a full fledged gigging band was back in 2000. So this is rocking and kick ass for me.

For dinner we went to Sean’s birthday party at Ichiro. We had dope Hibachi food, a la Bennihana. Yum. And i think i saw Cute Abi there, but her hair wasnt looking like i last saw, so who knows. That was super fun and after that we came back to the house to take shots for shit we’re selling on ebay and did some studio portrait test shots with our new studio strobes. Good night.

PS. If anyone knows any hot single smarty pants girls, send them right over to Daniel. I hear he humps great.