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It started with a 15 second clip….

On the SCUG Message Boards there was a thread that was titled “It started with a 15 second clip….“. Basically people were talking about what song or clip of Soul Coughing was the first they heard of the band or the song that did it for them.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I’d go over to Jordan’s from time to time on the weekends. I was a sophomore or junior in high school and we’d make mix tapes. Yeah cassettes. No shit. We thought they were the shit. They kinda were. Maxell XLII’s. Yeah. So Jordan listened to a lot of metal. Like Sepultura and Death and Slayer. But he started branching out in high school. His brother worked at the University of Maryland’s radio station. He’d get (or rather most likely stole) promos and gave the CDs he didn’t want to Jordan. Jordan played this one track to me. Is was called Casiotone Nation. He remembered I had a Casio SK1 in the basement we practiced in. We were in a band called “Not”. We fucking ruled. We covered Summertime Blues like there was no tomorrow. Actually we sucked. Hard. But it was fun. Casiotone song was ok. I remember all the weird samples thinking that this was wild. I still hadn’t purchased a CD player yet. It would be years. I was fascinated with that button. You know, the one that would magically skip to the next song. It was a double edged sword in many ways. But we quickly got to track 8. It was Moon Sammy. I didn’t know what that meant. But the guitar came in. It was rhythmical and angular yet smooth. Then the bass came in. Man, did it come in. It slid down with a gentle bombast. Then the hi-hats rolled in to bring it up a little more and then BAM, the song launched. That bass intro is what did it for me.

it was the first bass slide in the intro to moon sammy that did it for me…

Thanks Sabby.

And the strange thing is when I just checked the message boards again for a new reply, the iPod downstairs that was on shuffle immediately played Moon Sammy. It was a 1 out of 11,000 chance. Good as any, I guess.