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goon ya

Soundtrack of the weekend: Tommy TuTone, Rick Springfield, Men at Work, The Posies, Tiffany, Weezer, Simple Minds, The Bangles, Katrina and the Waves, The Buggles, and Bryan Adams (i know he’s canadian, but he still wrote some good pop rock tunes)

This weekend has been pretty uneventful. I got to catch up on some good bill paying. I learned a lot about IRA’s and my mutual funds. I am learning how to do my own taxes and beat the system or the mutha fuckin’ man. I always complain about our government, but there are so many great things we offer. One being that you can have tax free investments and make some mad cash if you just learn how to. You don’t have to be a nuclear physisist.

And speaking of that, why are they (nuclear physisists) dubbed the smartest. I think OBGYN Doctors should be. They understand the “goon-ya” more than any one on earth. And anyone who understands the “goon-ya” is pure genius. And we all know how hard it is to understand and master the “goon-ya.” It is a feat we all wish and pray we all knew more about. They should offer classes on the weekends to learn more about “goon-ya.” I can garauntee at least two people would show up, myself included. The class would be called “Learn more about you and your/your spouse’s Goon-Ya.” Or maybe they could be videos and put on the Learning Channel at 4am for a 30 minute info-mercial hosted my Nina Hartley!

I digress. Last night was spent at DC101 watching the Sewervivors. Jessica hung with me there and we made some CD-Rs, hung with the over-nite jocks and wooed over the massively cool coffee machine. I think Top Gun was on as well. Also, my BBS software came out with their final beta version. So I upgraded to that and have been tweaking it since then. Click on the last box to the right in the menu above to get involved. And trust me, you want to get involved. Or you can be a lazy ass and click here.