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Our Wedding Shower

Soundtrack of the weekend: Frank Zappa’s you cant do that on stage vol2, Frank Zappa’s hot rats, Explosions in the Sky, Aretha Franklin’s lady soul, Beach Boys’ pet sounds, Dieselboy’s 6th Session, The Beatles’ magical mystery tour.

Well, we did it. We kinda sorta surprised Emily with the wedding shower. Not really. She got a lot of the hints. And Ex and David kinda gave it away. But we tried. She was still about 50% surprised. Not that is really matters.

It was really cool seeing Amy and Zack (as well as Annette and Billy) as I didn’t really expect them to fly in for this. It was a nice treat. And it was awesome seeing them for lunch too and walking through the farmer’s market on Sunday morning with Zack. Oh yeah and Amy cleaned out Frankie’s anal sacs… It was fascinating. You only need to have a sandwich bag. Some vegetable oil, if you want to be nice. Oh and being a Vet can help. We’ve almost trained her with the ‘down’ command. Yay! Roof!

So it was awesome seeing all our family and friends and eating all the great food at the Helmand. Even my Father liked the food.

And we ended up with a lot of gifts. Way more than expected. It’s rather overwhelming. I mean we registered for it, so nothing was really a surprise, but still. It’s just so much stuff and we don’t have a large house. I have no clue where it’s all going to go. And these are still just engagement gifts. It’s kind of crazy.

Pictures are here.

PS. What’s up with Green Day winning every goddam VMA? And Suge Knight getting shot. That’s not a person you want to shoot and miss hitting any major organs. Oops.

PPS. Hang in there Louisiana. Let’s just hope there is relief money left over from the war.

played on the albums vixen & rev it up & hardbodies sndtrk

yes, chat wackerman really did play for vixen! - janfromvixen (16k image)Around noon I finally took a shower. This was yesterday. I took one of those long ones. It also didnt help that Emily has one those shower heads that spreads the water everywhere and therefor has no pressure. But it’s still like rainwater, so it’s cool. But i spent a long time conditioning my hair (a weekly project) and just chilling in there. Since the room is so tiny, i messed around with opening and closing the window to see all the little water particles make their way outside the window, but in the end they saw their demise as they got stuck in the screen window. Poor water particles.

After all the showering hoopla we headed back to my place to pick up some cymbals and some fresh cut herbs from the garden and some apples. Goddam the apples. They wont die. We then headed back on 95 North to pick up Daniel. We got him and got a tour of his gorgous new apartment and headed for the huge Salvation Army. The “as-is” section was closed, but the normal building was open. I found a super killer brown izod sweater with super long sleeves for Daniel. He found a log lamp. Emily found some nice linnen sport jackets. And she also bought some heiroglophic (i cant spell, nor care today) plates for me. 69 cents a peice! Fucking ay.

Then we go back in time and actually we went to Bill’s Music first. There were two buildings. once seemed like it was more for lessons, but still had a dope load of shit in it. They had a few Kustom amps there that i had been eye-ing for a few months, just in general for Silver Sessions (Daniel and my band). They had a Kustom Bass 150 Amp. It was blue sparkle. It had four inputs. It was super 70s. It was clean sounding. They made me put a bass in to it and i got nervous cos i dont really play bas. But i got the sales person to take 25 bucks off it. It’s funny how they always have to “check with their manager” but they always come back and say it was no problem. Fucking wankers. In the other store they didnt have any 12″ or 13″ hi-hats that looked like something i’d want. I am looking to get those Zildjian Remix 12″ Hats. But they have those jingles that scare me. I wish they were only on the bottom. So it’s either that or some 13″ K Custom HiHats or K Special K/Z Hats. Oh, the decisions. We’ll see how much i can get for the cymbals i no longer use. Oh yeah and Daniel got this great xylophone with case and workbook! Fucking killer.

After all the music and clothing shopping we headed over to Sputnik Cafe. It wasnt as busy as it normally was, but then again it was also much earlier than we usually get there. We talked to Maria about her new child, of course we gossiped a bit and got the lowdown with what was going on with everybody. We ate some good food, we talked some good talk. Bill even chatted with us for a bit which is usually uncommon there as he’s always so busy. So that was nice. And come 9pm the place was swarmed with people. It’s great to see a growing business do well. We seem to always just have a really good time there. And Daniel payed for dinner too. That slut. Thanks Daniel. Then came back home to fall asleep shortly after watching some lame-ass Christina Aguilara show that didnt even have her in it. It was just her fucking obsessed relatives talking about how amazing she is. Ugh. And me and Emily listened to all of Funkadelics’ Maggot Brain on the way back. Talk about a 180 degree turnaround to shit with Christina. Why did you want to watch her crazy friends again?!