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Not Sick

  • We were sick.
  • We are not sick anymore.
  • When both parents get sick, it’s tough to be one.
  • NyQuil made me puke all night. I don’t recommend it.
  • Luckily the grandparents pulled Lily out for a few hours!
  • I never got all the hype about Iron Man.
  • Lily can dance. Like for real. We’re working on 2&4. And soul claps.
  • The iPhone 3G is beyond amazing. Beyond!

cover up + say goodnight . . . say goodnight

someday i'll do the complete college series...Soundtrack of the day: Talking Heads: stop making sense, Talking Heads: sand in the vaseline, Ben Folds Five: whatever and ever amen, Ben Folds Five: s/t, The Features: the begining.

Dude, being ill is not a good thing. I kinda got a cold this weekend, so i am trying to recover. Ok, yeah. I actually have a cold. It’s madness on the herbals and the meds. I am in this constant haze of a dark and murky gray. Kinda hovering over it all, but still inside. I feel stoned. Like good stone. But where you dont know where you are. Maybe it’s just the fall season begining. I always seem to get get sick the first week it gets relatively cold. I was supposed to watch Snatch with Becca tonite, but I was way too exhausted. I hope tomorrow I have the energy.

When I got home today, I was ready to just go to sleep. But i saw I got a package. It was from ELY. From Nashville. Fuckin’ ay. He sent me the new FEATURES ep. I love people who do random shit like that. And the CD is actually not bad. It’s totally nothing like they used to be. They used to rock the house down. Now they are more pop than rock. But so be it. The singer has really dope cheek bones. I thought he was a girl after the first show I saw. I had no clue. Anyways…ELY RULES!

So I have been listening to the Talking Heads a lot lately cos I just saw David Byrne last Saturday. The few songs I saw really inspired me to pop back the old Talking Heads records. I love that shit. Yet another band that reminds me of the Feetnik. I remember vividly driving back from Walmart or something like that out by the mall and her telling me she wanted to get married to “This Must Be the Place” – Very odd. And I do too. Prolly not to each other though. We would have most soulful children ever. Damn. Where is the Feets? Oh, and I realized that the Pixies are way similar to the Talking Heads…not sure exactly. Perhaps it’s in the voice. It’s the quirkyness. Yes.

In other news I am almost beside myself, as my favorite band since i was a teenager has been Jane’s Addiction. I didnt get to see them in 1989 because my mother wouldnt let me go to the old 930 Club (then just called the 930 club) at my age. I even had a ticket. So regardless, I never got to see them when they were the complete band. Now they are Jane’s Addiction sans Eric Avery. To me that is not Jane’s Addiction. But regardless (redundant mat) my boss hooked me up with a photo pass cos he knows how much I love them. It’s so odd. One never would have imagined this to happen 12 months ago. Things are cool. Yes, things are cool. Well, for the most part. One my cough goes away, things will be better.

The College Years Gallery? I am contemplating doing a portfolio section of Mat’s College Years. The shots I have are just too funny to sit in a photo album. Primarily the ones from my first year in school in CT. Time will tell.

IM of the day:
thebobgreene: i vote for interactive boobies.
mat: dude!
thebobgreene: you can do it.
mat: i can!
thebobgreene: make it so we want to lick the screen.
mat: i lick the screen regardless
thebobgreene: freak.
mat: pussy.
thebobgreene: well, you can do that after the boobies…
thebobgreene: one vision at a time.
mat: bling bling