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Use Your Spoon and Straw

Yesterday was a great lazy day hanging out with my Cousin Marisa and her boyfriend, Brian. It reminded us of New Years Weekend of 2002 when we spent it with Annette and Billy in Brooklyn.

I didn’t get much sleep the night before last so most of the morning was spent cleaning up part of the kitchen and preparing brunch. Yay scrambled eggs with tomato and BACON! We did have a few interesting burning incidents this weekend. #1 was the bamboo cutting board we left on the stove next to the oven exhaust preparing for NYE. Yes, it gets hot enough to catch fire and smoke a lot. #2 was from the bread for the brochette that burned after putting it in the broiler for 15 seconds right before the party. (Mental note: don’t toast bread with the broiler on) And #3 was yesterday while preparing for brunch when Marisa put bread in our toaster and shortly after it erupted in to flames and our whole 1st level of our house turned in to a sea of smoke. Brian took action and took the toaster out back to the BBQ. Luckily no fire outside of the toaster was started. The only lasting effect is a kinda burnt smell in our house now and the knowledge that one does not open a toaster that is on fire to feed it more oxygen. Word to the wise.

Shortly after brunch my parents came over to hang out with Marisa and Brian and us. It was nice and relaxing. My mother who could smell a cigarette on me from 3 miles away in High School didn’t smell the burnt brochette. Wild.

After my parents left, we showered and made our way to the Majestic 20 in Silver Spring to see Syriana. Movie popcorn is quite possibly the best popcorn ever. Next place outside of movie popcorn is that tub popcorn you can or could get at Blockbuster a while back. Yum. So we got our popcorn and our giant rootbeer and sat down. Only 2 previews. Amazing. So yeah, the movie was pretty good. Definitely not excellent. I love movies and I love interesting movies, but this movie was too damn complicated. And unnecessarily. My theory is if you have good writing and good writers you should have a good movie that’s interesting and understandable, and you shouldn’t have to watch it 15 times to get it nor have to spend 15 minutes at a diner with 4 adults talking about it to understand what happened. But it was interesting and it did bring up a lot of questions regarding declining natural resources and Enron corruption. So for that fact, it was a good movie.

After the movie we thought of going to this new Phở restaurant next to the theatre. Phở is just so yummy and hearty and great in the winter. Of course it was closed with the holiday weekend, so we went a bit south towards DC to this other Vietnamese restaurant. That was closed too. What the hell?! We walked around the corner to Jackie’s which is a place we’ve always wanted to go. But they were closed. So we made our way back North to The Tastee Diner. My trustee Tastee Diner. It will never let you down. I got my burger and fries and Brian got his mega burger. Emily got a melt and talked with Brian a lot about Options Trading. Marisa got something with parmigiana (or “parm” for those in the loop) in it and a rootbeer float. When the typical yet slightly insane waitress brough over the float she said, “Make sure to use your spoon and straw. Bring in the New Year and do it right with a spoon and straw.” I [heart] the Tastee Diner. I [heart] family. Happy New Year.

PS. Happy Birthday Elle!

495 + 95 + 695 + 795 = Kris & Michelle

Yesterday was a moderately productive day. (And on Friday, I went to my employers Christmas party. It was surprisingly fun!)

So yesterday, we got up, took the car to the shop, walked to Strosniders, Fresh Fields and Borders. Yay, bookstore. I [heart] Silver Spring. I read a book on weather pattern and musicians who believe in aliens, and picked up Miles Davis’ autobiography and a few CDs:

  1. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong’s Ella and Louis (Verve)
  2. Ella Fitzgerald & Billie Holiday’s At Newport (Verve)
  3. Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew (Columbia)
  4. Charles Mingus’ Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus (Impulse)

I think I am done with the rock. I’ve learned what I can from it. But the time has come to learn something new before it simply bores me to no end. I think it’s jazz this time. I am getting in to it and begining to seriously understand it.

Then our general contactor came over to finalize some details and we put down our deposit. We’re actually breaking ground (or rather wall) tomorrow after work and will start replacing water pipes. I am beside myself.

Tonight we went to Westminster, MD. Man, it’s a trek. Michelle and Kris had their pre-Christmas/Meet the Parents night. It was fun and Kris is one mean cook. Hot damn. There was a lot of sports going on. So needless to say, the rest of us were in our own little world. And it snowed there breifly. It’s crazy it’s 60+ miles from DC.

Happy Sunday.