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Top 10 Favorite Snare Drums

According to the wikipedia:

The snare drum or side drum is a drum with strands of snares made of curled metal wire, metal cable, plastic cable, or gut cords stretched across the bottom head. Pipe and tabor and some military snare drums often have a second set of snares on the bottom (internal) side of the top (batter) head.

Ah, the snare drum. It’s typically what you hear on the 2 & 4 of a rock song. You know, where people with rhythm clap. I firmly believe it’s the most complicated instrument to record. There is so much going on. It covers so many frequency ranges. It has so many voices and dynamics. It’s overtones and harmonics are tremendous yet it’s a very sensitive instrument. More so than most people can imagine. It also gives the listener a real feel for how the room in which it was recorded is shaped. Only an experienced (or lucky) engineer can properly and accurately capture it’s sound. Continue reading ‘Top 10 Favorite Snare Drums’