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so it's true?!Well the past day was pretty nuts. Yesterday after work we all went to the Hippodrome at GW. We went bowling there with the station. We had set up Weezer to be there to go bowling with us. Then they would rock for us and sign some autographs for the listeners. It was pretty swell. I am not a big Weezer fan. Well, I am. I really, really like their music. But as people, I could care less about what they had for dinner, etc. To me it’s pretty funny watching all the girls and some boys, for that matter, swoon over these dudes in the band. It’s really no different than swooning over the backstreet boys. But if they didnt have the band, they’d be that same old slack loser at the record store who couldn’t find a date, just like me. (only i dont work at the record store, nor do I want a date) So anyways…It was cool. The most great part about last night was seeing GUS BRANDT. He was Soul Coughing’s old (Tour) Manager. He is working with Weezer while Foo Fighters are on their hiatus. He is truely one of the nicest rock guys behind the scenes I have ever met. Granted I only met him a few times, he still remembered my name. I was impressed. GUS!

So after the show I went back to work, on my own freewill. (I think the boss really liked that one) I decided to stick up some Weezer photos on the web site. OK, first of all the new system we have hosting our station’s website is pretty quirky. In fact I would never endorce such a product ever. Their imagining system is pretty shoddy as well. In fact each time I use it, it fails on me. I hate shit that breaks. I totally understand why Trent Reznor breaks shit like that. If it broke, make it pay. So after I gave up on our imaging server I decided to use my back up of Hot995’s webserver. Of course after adding 200k worth of images, I crashes. That is ludicrous. That is like a 1/10th of a floppy. And it’s crashing a server. What a piece of dog shit. Maybe I dont know the full story, but something doesnt work. So in the end, I put all that shit on my personal server here. At least I know that shit works.

But at least when I got home at 4am last nite (morning), I had a package waiting for me. I got a mix CD from SUMMER O NINA. Wooo! Always pulls through for me. “Oh yeah you’re pretty good looking, for a girl” There is something about girls that like good & interesting music. Perhaps they get more attractive by the caliber of music they like. Like they get hotter as the music gets better. And it’s exponential when they introduce you to new and exciting music, you’ve never heard. That shit will do wonders on a boy like me. “I don’t wanna be a boy, but you’re still pretty good looking” So I even brought it in to work. Typically the two people in our room will tell me to turn it off. Today, miraculously, they said nothing. Even to SUPERCHUNK. “I’ve never really been to your new house, & I bet I know exactly what it’s like…and when we go to sleep I kiss you ON THE MOUTH – lay out on the couch, I spend the night. Yeah!” Mysterium Stupendum

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girls with wings are cooler than those withoutToday was fun. I forget what I did. I got to use the interns for a little to do a little data-entry for me. We get listeners emails and addresses from time to time. They had to enter in like hundreds of that…thank god I didn’t have to. So after they got us lunch i put them to work! It feels good having interns. #1 cos i sometimes have a boat load of work and the trivial stuff always gets forgotten. #2 it’s nice to be nice to them and thank them for all their hard work, cos i was once an intern, and know what it’s like. Regardless, we all know it’s slave labour. But at least it’s voluntary.

I think the Music Director here at work thinks I am swell. When ever there is a new CD that he gets he’ll always come by and just hand it to me or have it waiting for me on my keyboard. Today he handed me radiohead’s new CD AMNESIAC. I actually like this one a lot. It’s spacey, but not Eno-ripoffs. At least blatantly. I think our Music Director is swell. In the latest issue of FMQB which is a radio trade magazine, like MIX MAGAZINE is to audio recording engineers, there is a full page spread of DC101’s CHILI COOKOFF. There are 5-6 pictures there that I took. I am famous. Well not really, but published. Very cool. I also photographed for Billboard incidentally. Bizarre.

Tomorrow is Weezer. Well more than that. I get to go bowling with them. Then they get to perform and sign autographs/chill with us. It’s like 5 hours with Weezer. I am very excited. What is even that much more cool is that GUS BRANT manages them. GUS used to work with SOUL COUGHING. Remember: CLAIRE (danes) – CALL GUS, HE’S LISTED IN THE PENSACOLA PHONEBOOK! Well anyways. It will be exciting to hook with him there…just like the old days of Soul Coughing. Woo! Speaking of Soul Coughing, I got to talk to M’ark last nite. He is doing swell. He’s been working as always on his new love for film soundtracks. He’s also doing a track with Craig Wedren. Mark described Craig’s vocals as “acrobatic.” I think that is the most accurate description of a singer and that particular singer I have ever heard. Very cool. And he’s also working with Yuval and Sebby on TEMPO TEAM. Which is a sorta dancy band (soul coughing sans singer) with neato samples. Be on the look out for an upcoming 7″ on an upcoming label. Be on the lookout! And no, it wont be on LOOKOUT records.