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I haven’t been to the record store since January. I decided to go to the Soundgarden with Lily this morning.

This is what I picked up:

  • Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue (remaster double disc)
  • Elliot Smith’s x/o
  • K-Swift’s Jump Off Vol. 10
Music. Yummy.

millions now living will never die

shit (11k image)Fri– Went to Ixia with Emily -> Treated her nicely like the good boyfriend i am -> She got steak, I got chicken -> We shared -> We got “cute” looks -> We are cute -> Dammit!

Sat– Farmer’s Market -> Ate Breakfast/Lunch -> Asian Market -> Soundgarden -> Got the following: John Coltrane’s a love supreme; John Zorn’s Masada live in Sevilla; Can Live 1971-1977; THe Beach Boys’ Smiley Smile/Wild Honey; TransChamps’ (Trans Am and The Fucking Champs) double exposure; Built to Spill’s live; Dance of Days book (two decades of punk in the nation’s capital) -> Went to store next door to get Lith a birthday girl of a clay tea pot -> Emily Worked on Portfolio/Resume while I read my new book and got even that much more proud of DC and our incredibly superior music scene -> Emily Made Dinner -> I cleaned up the dishes and washed them and in that order -> Brewer’s Art for drinks with Maria and Bill and Patrisia -> Wanted to go to the New Haven Lounge to check out good jazz -> Instead it was spent not seeing good jazz but watching semi-psudo pretentious semi-frat boys and girls drink beverages because that was where Maria wanted to go -> Bah!

Sun– Woke up early -> Came to Rockville -> Celebrated Lith’s Birthday with Bagels and Lox -> Took pictures and compared cameras (fotos in fotos section) -> Printed pictures -> Went to Anthropologie -> Looked at lots of overpriced cool stuff -> Went to Comp USA -> The Best Buy -> Bought earphones for cell phones -> Watched the English Patient with Emily -> It was good, but not 8 Academy Awards good -> Or maybe it was -> Hence it’s not being THAT amazing and the Academy being worse than the Music Industry -> At least Emily liked this movie and not Dumb and Dumber -> Eh. -> Fucking Germans -> They fucked up a lot of shit back in the day -> Went to bed later than I should have

Mon– Talked with Leif Garrett in the hallway about West Virginia -> Or was that Ben Folds 5 -> Took a nap mid-day and boss came in but didnt wake me cos he’s a good boss -> Took a nice pooh at work -> Laura took me home -> Going to go eat Boca burgers now -> Yum.