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Mons + David = BetaMons

Last night’s show was pretty successful. After being introduced by representatives from NASA and the Russian Ambassador who reminded us how to correctly pronounce Sputnik and aside from some rather annoying initial technical glitches we got through the night with some pretty stellar material. That and Lily attended her first cocktail party.

It was a crazy juxtaposition, a la Andy Warhol’s Velvet Underground-era performance art. David and I basically performed along side a go-go dancer and hula hoopers both on platforms in the air. It was quite the 50s experience that went to the moon. A classic American tribute to Russia’s Sputnik.

Enjoy the music below, but first, our set up, for the geeks, was:


David R:

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Recorded live to MiniDisc, imported via Audacity and compressed to an 160kbps MP3 via iTunes.

Mons at Sputnik

I will be playing as MONS with David R. this Thursday at Sputnik, in Annapolis. Perhaps my first (and only?!) live performance.

There will be a 50th Anniversary Celebration for the launch of Russia’s Sputnik satellite. There are rumors that the Ambassador of Russia and members of NASA will be there. It should be a sight to see!

Regardless of the performance, the “cafe” is incredible. Their beer and wine list is impeccable and adventurous and their food is more amazing than most. Not to mention the sick atmosphere. Hope to see you!

From their site:

October 4th, Thursday 6pm to 10pm

The Sputnik Cafe will be hosting a Sputnik Launch Party to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the start of the Space Age. The event will be a formal cocktail party featuring classic cocktails like the Moscow Mule, The Communist and of course the Sputnik Cocktail. Attire will be Russian Red.

Cost $50 per person

Open Bar including classic cocktails, wine and beer influenced from behind the Iron Curtain

Passed Hor’dourves from Chefs Bill and Karl

Entertainment, fun and just one splendid and grand event.

kranias:: she’s going to end up crying

Another reader of Addy - addysreader (10k image)I dont know what it is about IKEA. But i love it. Even driving over one hour to godawful Virginia (sorry El), it’s almost worth it! Even their cafeteria has good food. Granted it’s prolly made out of particle board, it’s Sweeding Particle Board Food, so therefor it’s good. Yummy.

So Saturday me and Emily shopped at IKEA all day. Emily is still looking for shelving and i am looking to do more impulse buying as well as looking for more colorful kids bedroom furniture. We always make fun of the “art” department where you can own a wonderful Monet. Mmmmmmmm, Monet. But this time they had a Rothko. And during his good years. So, being the yuppie i am, i bought a lithograph of art. All in a nice wood frame for under 30 bucks. Gotta love the Sweedish. Too bad later during the day, when i tried putting the poster in the frame, the glass broke. Cheap fucking bastards. Then after that we went to Maria and Bill’s restaurant to celebrate Maria’s 37th birthday. Amy was there. And she was civil to Emily. Go figure. Maybe she’s back on her medication(s). Or maybe it’s because they arent talking behind each other’s backs. It’s hard to say “You’re a cunt.” to another person’s face, isnt it? You’d have to be a real woman to say that in person. That or a psychopath.

Sunday was a schmorgasboard of doing nothing. I did lots of silly things like installed more RAM in my father’s computer. Moved furniture around in their house and looked at old 70s picures with them. I even took some home with me. Then i went back over to Emily’s place to play on her computer while she watched TV. We had dinner, then i went home to work on my site a little bit and clean up my house cos the maid hasnt come the past two times she said she would. It’s a rough life. You and your cunty ways.

And this morning i was on air again talking about Flounder and Lisa and how they feuded in high school. They should just fuck and get it over with. And Flounder’s nipples were errect. Weird.

PS. This is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen.

PPS. 06.15.92 ; 08.13.92 ; 08.10.94 ; 04.16.95 ; 07.28.95 ; 12.12.98 ; 93 Demos ; B-Sides :: Better late than never.

PPPS. And yeah, i got a new haircut from Emily.