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god i am a pain in the ass/have a fun night, i hope you get some

stalker (45k image)

Dude, I have my first Stalker. It’s like My First Sony. But with a stalker. I am happy about this in some bizarre way.

Tonight is Mogwai. #1 I really want to see them and i really want them to rearrange my internal organs with their bombast of loudness; #2 I am exhausted and am thinking of not going cos i just need to chill; #3 Daniel may not come down now, so it looks like it’s not gonna happen this time; #4 I am sure next time they’ll come to DC to the best club on earth and i wont have to drive from Smaltimore then.

HotelOpera:: that’s the irony of Mogwai. they sound like a hundred other American bands but are somehow a lot bigger by virtue of their Europeanness
mat:: do they?
HotelOpera:: i dunno…i can’t figure out what distinguishes them from a lot of bands besides being Scottish
mat:: maybe you’ve not listened to them before

PS. Fuck Gary Condit