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The Staple Function

I have two things to say about the day job today:

  1. Any meeting about finance and/or grants via systems to systems integrations is a complete bore. Enough said. Oh and if you write out “systems to systems,” S2S, I will injure you.
  2. I am putting together a package for a Congressman and one part of it involved making duplicate copies of some documentation. I originally thought to simply task it to our secretary. But then I remembered my days working at the Temple making copies. So I thought, “why not?” It never hurts to go back to your roots. I asked where the copy room was and I started setting up the machine. There was a button labeled “staple” – I thought this was a joke. No copier could copy, not to mention collate AND staple. I’ve never heard of this. So I pressed the button. Low and behold, it freaking stapled it. It actually might have saved me 2 minutes of time. Two minutes of your hard earned tax dollars. So feel good about your taxes this April. Or don’t. I don’t really care. Just know that technology totally rocked my world this late morning.