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My Workflow Needs To Get Organized

I recorded a  jazz quartet yesterday. Sure I went a little overkill on the micing of the drums, but you never know what you need. For jazz, I 99% of the time, only use the bass drum, snare and overhead, but I like to have other mics (toms, room, PZM, etc…just in case. Anyways. Because this was jazz and recorded live, my patchbay was a little nasty. I really need to get track sheets made up.

No Job No Income

Every day we get a bunch of phone calls. Emily usually takes down the messages for me as she is the Front Office (in the rear). Or when I am in alone I’ll just answer the calls, obviously. We tend to get people all over the place. All types of projects. Some more special than not. From an MC with beats who wants to lay down some vocals to a lady who wants to transfer some of her old music to another format. People see our ad in the City Paper, our listing in the yellow pages, word of mouth or from searching the interweb.

What boggles my mind is the abundance of calls that resemble something like so:

Me: Mobtown.

Said caller: Hi. So I have these songs and I want to record them. They are hot. Red hot.

Me: Great! Why don’t you come in for a tour and we can talk about your project and timeline?

Said caller: Ok. Sounds great. Did I mention I don’t have a job?

Me: Ok.

Said caller: Which means I have no income.

Me: Maybe you should work on your budget first before the timeline?

Said caller: But these songs are really good and can definitely be recorded in one take. We can do it very fast.

Me: Maybe you should come in so we can talk about your expectations.

Said caller: Did I tell you I can’t sing and I can’t play the music.

Me: No. But this is good information to know. Do you know any musicians?

Said caller: No. Can you find them for me? And did I mention I don’t have a job?

Said caller: Ok

This goes on for a bit. Painfully. It amazes me how many calls like this we get. Sometimes twice a week. These people totally debunk Darwin’s theory. What are people thinking?! Luckily these are the minority and we actually get calls from talented people. Some of which have paying jobs where money goes in a bank. Yay for jobs!

The Goings

What’s the news?

Basically for the past few months we’ve been:

  • -Getting the studio put together, more so aesthetically and less gear-wise these days. But my new 8-Core Mac Pro (Ursula) is very happy in it’s new home. 
  • -We have successfully put up 4 bass traps. We have many more to go and it was frustrating as hell trying to figure out how to mount these suckers on the one friggin’-god-forsaken plaster wall.
  • -Al and JG are married as of this past weekend. It was at Rehoboth Beach, DE. On a lavender farm Al’s grandparents owned when Al was a kid. Mr. Sass-master, himself is a married man. It’s official and Em made it official. It was totally a blast and reminded us of our wedding. There was rain. But luckily for them it cleared up right after the ceremony for some stellar photos and partying. Oh and Al got me a flask. Best in-wedding present ever. I’ve always wanted one. Glenrothes Single Malt is in the house.
  • 30 Rock is my new jam. Tina Fey is my hero. On many levels. 
  • -I can’t hear out of my right ear at all. I am totally Brian Wilson. I can’t have a conversation while there are others going on. I have no sense of spacial difference. I can’t filter. And it makes me dizzy to listen to music. It’s a very odd sensation and I don’t recommend it. But my lovely wife is taking wonderful care of me and she’s sucking the wax/juice out of my ear, even as I type this. Not literally, of course. Well actually, but she’s not sucking. The meds are.
  • -Lily is 11 months old! I can hardly even believe it. It feels like yesterday that she popped in to this world and now’s she’s singing along to Digable Planets.