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but i am not a pilot

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I do not really have much time as of late to post up here. It is not because I do not love you. It is because I refuse to use contractions now.

This long weekend was spent in Tampa, Florida. Emily’s father owns a business and his second office is in Tampa. It is in a single family ranch house in the city. Quasi-city that is. It is like the burbs, but it is in the city. Tampa is weird like that. But it was awesome and quaint and much cheaper than getting a boring hotel room.

Gordon and Becca also came with us. It was awesome vacationing with them! We got to hang with our mutual friend Jessie, who is in grad school out there. We do not get to see her too often so that was nice.

We took lots of pictures, slept late, went to the beach, shopped a bit, relaxed, talked geek, cut hair (mine and gordon’s), ate fried gator, talked about pooh, pooh’d, played games, walked, drank a bit, drove in a sports car convertable, watched nick at night & had a blast.

Click here for photos. Click later for more.