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and he got knocked up by the jan-ih-ter

in the bum, lexfirs ----- sparklers (21k image)Tonight I took the Moms out to dinner. She told me that Ted Demme died. He was the son-in-law to our next door neighbors. I prolly met the dude a couple times as he was always over at their house. He was just “Ted.” Nothing more, nothing less. Just very odd how some of us put people on pedistals. Small world.

Which reminds me of college when my band at the time, LANDON, was playing a show at the University of Hartford Art Opening or something. We seemed to always open for this band that had only a standup bass (played by this boy named Floyd with whom Zut was obsessed with for a little while after we broke up), Ed on drums and some guy on the AM radio. Ed wasnt a drummer. He wasnt even good at trying to be a drummer. The only real memorable experience with him was hearing about his fear of dirty teeth. I tell you, the man brushed his teeth more times that I say “awesome” in any given day. So one day Ed decides he is going to tie himself to a tree in dental floss which his mouth propped open and a mirror will be right in front of him. He did this standing there for days. I wonder how he ate.

there’s a fine line between stupid and clever.

So what did Ed have to do with my band Landon? I cant even remember.

I do remember playing some shitty ass gigs. But that one Art Show was pretty cool in that I played two trash cans, a few shakers and whatever else I could find. I think I had a 40 and a wine bottle too. That day I found the power of the shakers. It moved me. I think it stemmed from my love of early Verve records. I, of course, taped the show and took a few of the lines of audience banter and placed it at the end of a new MONS song. I wonder if new MONS songs are even new anymore. Prolly not. Oh well. I bed my PO Box needs to be renewed. Arg.

is this a fantasy or is this mine