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oh well, at least i have my copy

i found the solution and it's better than yours.  thesolution (3k image)So the late Soul Coughing were supposed to put out some live records with this great up and coming record label that puts out live-only releases. It was all coming together smoothly until one member wanted more than the others. It’s so sad how it ended up this way. So in the end, the CD series will not be released. What I dont get is that the person who had problems with it plays Soul Coughing songs regularly in his set when he plays or played live. Honestly, i dont know if he does anymore, but when i paid attention he based half his set around them. And the dude even has live mp3 shows up on his site or fan site thing. I cant imagine the problem, besides egos and grudges. I am just so dissapointed. I keep wanting to think it’s a sick April Fool’s joke, but inside I know it’s not as this is just way too cliche and expected.

In other news. Good news. Tempo Team will be released with no problems. Luckily there are no egos involved with this puppy. Thank goodness. Other than that, things are nuts here. Everything is moving at lightning fast speed (contracts are cooking, sites rolling, omr busting ass, silver sessions synth-ing). No real big updates, however. But i am thinking about taking a vacation soon. I need it, big time, to just work on my own shit, and not have to come in to work to slow me down with that nonsense. Anything new with you?

Or not. Maybe it was just an April Fool’s prank.