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as lita ford once crooned “it aint no big thing”

mat, emily, mom at our christmas eve dinner at lith's........matemilymom (20k image)I got a few CDs from work today. Most were still in my old desk from when I was on the 4th Floor. I picked up: Yoko Ono’s blueprint for a sunrise (anyone who says Yoko broke up the Beatles is ignorant about anything Beatles related, go read a book you lazy fuck), Action Figure Party, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s the album (i had to check it out), Limp Bizkit (can always be a coaster), & Tenacious D. I also brought home my X-Men video from this summer.

Just a few words about Tenacious D. I hadn’t heard a helluva lot about them. Becca mentioned them once and this guy who used to work with me said they “rocked”. Well I wasnt impressed at all. go figure. It didnt even warrant as good as a coaster. They brought to mind, sub-par Spinal Tap meets uninteresting potty humoured Weird Al Yankovic, wanting to try and shock like the Frogs. However their approach and execution were nowhere near the quality and bizarely cleverness of the Frogs. This CD totally reminded me of when Adam Sandler put out a “comedy” CD back in high school. Sure we laughed a few times when it came out and thought it was the shit for 4 days. But it’s almost 8 years later and I still have listened to it maybe twice after stealing it from that frat-boy in college. Anymore talk of this is a waste of oxygen. To each his own. Or so they say…

I am still sore as shit. Remind me to not go skiing again. Actually I think I am going in two weeks again! Woo!

Also I am selling my digital camera. If you want to buy Mat’s digital camera with all the fixin’s (flash, memory cards, filter, batteries, etc) that has been taken care of like no other, bid here.