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The Existing Studio Space’s dB Meter Testing

Pre Studio dB - C Weight-  readings
(click it for maximum geek!)

For the past few weeks, Emily has been drawing up different ideas for the studios. Different configurations on where the studio, control room, office and waiting area would go. We’ve been using our knowledge of how sound travels to work out the best possible way to reduce the transmission of sound out and in to the studio. We’ve come up with some amazing possibilities. These were all theoretical until last night when we went over to the space with a dB meter, a drum kit and a Juno 106 synth.

We actually got solid numbers for how well constructed the existing studio building is. It’s not to say we don’t have to do anything, but we can actually cut down on a lot of the construction we thought we’d have to build. In fact a lot of the walls may only get a resilient channel (RC) and a piece of drywall. We’re pretty excited about it. This will lend more money for gear and aethetics.

Based on the testing of the drum kit which was about 103 dB in the metered room was only, at times, moderately louder than the buses driving by outside. Go figure. This equates to most of the sounds are leaving through the horribly old and rickety original 1890s windows. That and going right through the basement. When I was over in the next building and Emily was playing the kit, it totally sounded like she was in the basement.

Yesterday, we also met with an Audio Engineer who has a Masters degree in Audio. Finally someone who could talk our language. After going through our plans, he blessed it. YAY! Now that was satisfying. He did make a bunch of suggestions and minor changes and I am sure we’ll be working more with him in the near future. Strangely, but beneficially, he, thus far, wants to work on trade, which we are more than happy to work on. Yay for trade!

Anyways, enjoy the geekiness of the data. And more studio stuff to come. We’re off to meet with two General Contractors at the studio.

PS. The dB meter was set for C Weight.