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Nice = dirty

I am here to correct the record. My song interpretation has been misconstrued and therefore can not be fully appreciated.

One must listen to the lyrics from the perspective of a horny teenaged boy (as I am apt to do). This is the sweet-talking plea of a boy who just wants to get some, but alas, he is stuck in the mid-century ethos of a society that bars pre-marital copulation and so what choice does he have?

Turn on the charm. Make it all about the kisses. “Yeah, yeah, baby, if we were older, I’d marry you, but I can’t so let’s just do it anyway.”

Really. Boy just wants to get his stick wet.

Pacific Ocean Blue

Last night, while laying in bed with Emily, we were listening to these Pet Sounds‘ sessions. Basically false starts and different takes that didn’t make the cut on the record. It’s interesting to hear all the different cues and ideas of Brian Wilson. Poor Hal Blaine and Carol Kaye! Those session musicians were amazingly patient.

Anyways, we were listening to ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ and we were discussing what the intro instrument could be. I always thought it was a slightly-detuned nylon stringed acoustic guitar. Emily thought it was a ukulele. It’s great we can have these discussions. I [heart] my Emily.

What’s even better is that Emily is convinced that the song is about getting married so the couple in the song can have lots and lots of sex. Which is probably an obvious interpretation, but I always like to think it’s more simple than that: the act of getting married to be together. Anyways… This music is insane and Landon is sending me Vigotone’s Smile mix. I can’t wait. I’ve heard a mix of it. But not this alleged legendary mix by Vigotone.

And on a semi-side note, Dennis Wilson’s first solo record, Pacific Ocean Blue, is absolutely charming and gritty. I highly, highly recommend it. His good looks and the fact that he was only the Beach Boys drummer means nothing. Typically solo records have little merit to them at all. There are a few exceptions. But this record completely blew me away, on it’s own. 1977 was a good year. RIP Dennis.