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did you put it on your fingers and peel it off?

i need to stop buying shit from ebay - geiger (11k image)So what made me develop 6 rolls of film yesterday? No fucking clue. I have none. I did take two rolls of film last weekend. And a few the weekend before. But there was one roll that appeared to be from last summer. Back when I was head over heels for what we now call “the rival”. Funny how un-rival she was. But it really doesnt matter at this point. It’s just funny to see those pictures. It was from Rolling Rock Town Fair. You know that show with Incubus, Linkin Park, and the sort. Well like the Monkee’s reunion song, “That was Then and this is Now”. Ha! I crack myself up.

And now all my bills are automated. My bills all get paid via my checking account. I get two positive points out of it. The first and most important one is that I get to be environmental. I save trees. But the counterpoint is that I probably just got some poor man fired, because his job of opening the envelopes has been sliced. Pooh. But the 2nd and seemingly less important one would be that I get to save 2 minutes from my billing period to be incredibly lazy. Think about it. Let’s say, for instance, your billing period is one month. That’s 24 minutes a year. That’s an episode of the Cosby Show when Vanessa tries smoking in her bedroom. (sans commercials, of course) That’s 1920 minutes in a lifetime which averages 80 years (or 1320 minutes if you count the years that have passed in my life; you do the math). So what is that, 32 hours in a lifetime, or 22 hours in my lifetime? I could prolly write, record and produce at least 2 songs during that period. Perhaps take 2 rolls of film and develop them to my satisfaction. Perhaps I could watch War and Rememberence 2 times. Or even Roots 2 times. Or 44 OM journal entries. I still need to see Roots. And speaking of the movie store. I need to pick up Apocolypse Now Redux on DVD. Anyways. I was just thinking. Or perhaps i did this automated billing thing cos i am really just lazy.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19)
Week of March 14, 2002
Between now and June, 2003, you’ll be receiving opportunity after opportunity to learn more about relationships. Will you take advantage of this embarrassment of riches, Capricorn? I hope so. I believe there’s nothing more important than deepening your capacity for togetherness. You might imagine you have better things to do — like building your career or making more money, for instance. But the ironic fact is that cultivating your intimacy skills will change you in the precise ways that are most likely to serve your worldly ambitions.

I hate when these things are on-the-ball.

And this weekend has been dubbed, “THE WEEKEND OF PUSSY”! Friday night is the Vagina Monologues, and Saturday i go back to my college roots with Nashville Pussy. Oh, the juices will be flowing this weekend. Make room for the vagina!