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boisatwork:: haha okay yes, i admit i am an art fag

dustin at TGIF - dustineat (15k image)Yesterday I signed my lease for the new house me and Laura are moving in to. But before that Emily, Laura and myself had lunch at Yuan Fu’s. Yum! Turns out i will be doing a lot of gardening which i really actually kind of like. There is a huge herb section of the garden which will be perfect for Laura’s cooking! And there is a fig tree! I’ll also have to take care of the Poi Pond. And they have this great rain collector to water the plants with. Super hippie action. They were also planning on taking their Golden Retriever, but i told her how much i adore dogs, so she may leave Maggie for me to take care of. That would rule!

After that Laura dropped me off at home where Emily was playing THE SIMS. She’s already addicted! Then we headed to SPUTNIK to get dinner. It was good and we hung with Emily’s crew there for a while. It’s fun gossiping there. They even brought up how psychoticly self-centered and vain one of the girls is that is mutual friends with some of them. Not something i really spend too much time thinking about, so it was funny to think other people actually bothing thinking about it. And Bill showed us what they are doing with the back outside of the restaurant. I also got to play with Princess Buttercup, the most killer Boxer puppy ever.

Today I am finishing up some work stuff that got laid on me Friday at 4pm. Gotta love those worthless sales people who couldnt care less about anyone else but themselves. But it’s ok though, cos i can catch up on other stuff that has been slacking lately.

Next weekend is DERBY 2002! Cant wait to hang with Allison and Jackie.