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The Veronicas

Has anyone heard the Veronicas? Basically they are a 20 year-old identical twin duo from Brisbane Australia. Think the Rondelles meet Kelly Osboune meet any other pop artist on the charts now with the first name “Kelly” in a really really bad and perhaps fatal car crash. I just read an acticle about them in the post this morning on the Metro in to work. The title of their record is “4 Ever” – If only it was “4 Evah” it would be greatly improved. I wasn’t impressed with what I read nor what I heard on the site – but I wasn’t let down. Until. I saw a picture of them with matching red patent leather belts. That’s worth a record buy. Not to mention HOT and so punk rock.

In other news it’s thursday and it’s the good thursday which means we have tomorrow off. And monday is a holiday for us govies. So that’s a 4 day weekend. Yay. Not too much is planned. Other than some cleaning, some sound manipulations with David R. on Saturday and some jazz at Twins on Sunday night with both Davids. Emily did try and plan a weekend get-away to Ireland or somewhere in the Carribean this weekend. That sure would be nice, but it is a Holiday weekend here in DC so most flights were pretty booked. I do have a passport.