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tool of the man cd/cs/lp, 1993 (sire records)

thora (10k image)Today was the first time i asked for a raise. Well i’ve done that before, but for rather menial jobs. I was just excited that i actually did it and made that confrontation. So the reason i asked for it was because:

#1 – It’s been a year since i got hired

#2 – I took a huge pay cut for this job and i knew i would have to, because it’s radio and they can get away with it for all the perks, but still…it’s pretty wrong to do after a while

#3 – My site was #1 in all of Clear Channel Radio (over 1000+ sites) largly because of my efforts

#4 – I now have been “promoted” to take care of 6 stations in the baltimore/washington trading area

#5 – I am the only one who will come in at 4am to take pictures of listeners playing with dildos or spending the night in a tent with listeners on the lawn of the old station office.

#6 – Getting offers for almost twice the amount i am getting now is really enticing

#7 – Damnit, I just fucking deserve it

Regardless, supposedly my boss said there was a “raise freeze” company-wide, but with all the people they laid off in the fall, they should have an excess of money to pay me! So the boss is going to talk to “the man” to see what he can do. He was very nice about it and didnt say “Well 2 jobs is better than no job”. Then I talked to a head (well, THE head actually) at my station and he was killer cool. He said he would follow up for me. He also said he would also kill me if i quit and then proceeded to say “A dead ICM (my position abbreviated) is no good to anyone.” So yeah, he’s got my back and that will be good back for me in this crooked crooked world we live in. Or something like that. It’s just cool i have someone to confide in who isnt wrapped up in the corporate world, yet still has a huge influence and is respected and quite frequently feared.

if you have that “skip flash” button on your page, who the fuck is going to watch your lame ass flash movie you dumbfuck

Tonight I rented GHOST WORLD. And I think Thora Birch, or at least her character in the movie is the most splendid person ever. Well not THE most splendid. But she is pretty damn cool. Any girl who rocks out to the Buzzcocks has got to be cool in my book. There were some really dry spots which i sometimes like. The art teacher was especially funny. Just a great mockery of what art teachers can be like and how silly they are. I forgot the woman’s name but i kinda like her too. And yes, I am a dork.

vibegrrrl: like, you hold out, tease a little by brishing your hand by our leg or something