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Tile In Vestibule and Studio Color Pallet


Why this tile was covered in paint is beyond me? But we have a great foreman who takes great pride and wonderful ownership over his work and our project. He graciously stripped the who knows how old paint from the vestibule which revealed this beautiful original glass tile. Who knows what you get behind the layers of a building built in the 1890s.


This is the paint pallet we’ve chosen. We’re using the yellow for the acoustical paneling covers. And the flooring is bamboo and wonderful. Yellow=studio (there is another color for the control room, but it’s behind the yellow – it’s slightly more dark and perhaps mustardy). Green=lounge. Blue=bathroom/vestibule/airlock hallway. Red/orange=office. There. It’s done and I love it! Final coats commence this weekend. Thanks to all our wonderful friends who came this weekend to help out with the caulking/prep and priming!

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