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i am queen laqueefa!!

georgeforeman (13k image)And on a second note, the guy who sits next to me named “Tim” who is a rather tall and skinny boy who likes boys just broke out in to, “Breaking the law, breaking the law!” by Judas Preist which is rather funny on many of levels right now. Too many levels. Levels that prolly only me and Lara will understand. It’s uncanny and it’s making me laugh outloud and he is now just looking curiously at me, prolly thinking, “I wonder if Mat realized I am gay and Rob Halford is gay. Now wouldnt that be funny.” – But i dont think he’s thinking that, cos he prolly doesnt even know who Rob Halford is.

daniel.: what’s doin’, tiger?
jesus.: i just met george foreman
daniel.: i have his grill!
jesus.: i kicked him in the nuts
daniel.: did he sign yours?

I just found a link to your website and was wondering if I could order some of your Dokken photos.

:: worst gift?
36.3% :: dead jesus
27.2% :: pooh in a box
27.2% :: fruitcake
09% :: socks

LollyDanis: need to make a grocery list
mat: when u get homey…
LollyDanis: dude
mat: yoi!
LollyDanis: i read that and thought you said when you get horney