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And The Rest Of The Trip – The Concise Edition

After Mount St. Helens we headed to Timberline Lodge. It was built in the 30s for the Works Progress Administation. It was also the building that was shot for all the outside scenes of The Shining. It was pretty cool. And it was strangely anything but creepy. What was awesome about it was that it was 6,000 feet up in Mt. Hood. And the artwork and detail in construction were amazing. I’d tell you about it, but Emily would do a much better job. So needless to say it was snowing. We got to enjoy the hot tub while it was snowing. Nothing is more fun than an outside hot tub and snow falling on your face. At least I found that out afterwards.

The next few days were spent in Portland, OR. Jamie’s wedding was incredible. We, go figure, randomly sat down with the CDbaby people at the rehearsal dinner and met some really interesting people. Very cool people. Great connections were made. The wedding was awesome. Incredible food, as expected and incredible people. It was awesome spending a weekend with Jamie’s friends and family. The rest of the weekend primarily was spent in our robes ordering a lot of room service. We did spend one afternoon with Brian (Beb) – which was fun! It was nice seeing Brian. Man, it had been years! What really ruled about the hotel was that they had bellboys to take our luggage to our room and people to call cabs for us. So fancy for such little money. Portland was ok. I really liked it, but I could see it getting on my nerves after a while. Too many white people and too many people to agree with, politically and musically. That and it’s kinda lame to be a teenager or in your 20s and be a punker homeless person. That’s just a lame copout. Oh and there is a book store, record store and recording studio on every block. I’d go broke in 3 weeks. Oh yeah, and then we stayed with Cara and Jon for a few nights while during the day Emily and I went to a bunch of studios. Seeing Larry Crane’s Jackpot! Studios was most excellent. Thanks Kendra. All the studios in Portland were such a wild range and it was definitely very reassuring that this is something we will be quite successful at.

The rest of the trip was spent in San Francisco. Traveling to SF via Route 1 was beautiful however it was giving me a heart attack as the drop off was so goddam steep with little or no guard rails most of the way. Mark and Maria graciously offered to let us stay with them. It was great hanging with Mark’s family. His two kids were fun. It was kind of strange sleeping in his studio with Emily and having his sampler at eye level. Very surreal. But none the less, getting to spend time was more than informative. He took us around to a few studios and we all learned a bunch! It was also cool tieing up loose ends on the record we plan to release. We also got to talk about Horsetricks III. There was also a lot of wine and politics. Go figure. The last night in the Bay Area was spent in Oakland having dinner with Tolya and Otto. Yay Tolya and Otto! Oh snap and we got to hang with my old friend from University of Hartford. Ben! Yay Ben. And John was also coincidentally in town so we go to to spend some time with him which also ruled. And we also went to this gay leather festival. Nothing is more San Francisco than nude (sans shoes) oiled up men masturbating in public down the streets. I shit you not. Sadly we missed the parts where the pornstars were peeing on each other. Wild, I tell you.

Ok that’s it. Yesterday was spent with the ever wonderful and supportive Al and JG moving our stuff in to the apartment. The rest of the week will be spent rebuilding our nest.

Catch ya later Bill & Ted…

lulu as jaba the hut

i love tenacious d, cos they are fucking clever motherfuckers.........henry (4k image)Last night after work I headed to Baltimore to hang with Emily and her friends that were coming in from out of town. These friends were her old school friends from college at Oberlin. It seems no one ever finished college there. 2 of the 3 girls ended up leaving after the first year. Go figure. I’ve had a few other friends that have done the same. So it was cool meeting some more normal and down to earth friends of Emily’s. There was a lot of girlie hugging and looking through old photos that weren’t nearly as amusing to me nor Otto. Otto was Toyla’s boyfriend who was from Alaska. So what do you say to a man from Alaksa but “Hey, do you know Jewel?” I said it with the most sincere sarcasm. Similarly as if he would ask me, “Do you know Henry Rollins? Or even Ian MacKaye” Yeah, Henry went to school in Rockville when growing up. But Otto actually did know Jewel. He said her father taught math at the high school or something. Weird. You’d think with the money she’s making now she could fix her snaggletooth teeth. Yeah, but Toyla was super swell. Her boyfriend was quietly swell. They reminded me a lot of the people i’d like to be hanging with these days. Cara reminded me a lot of my friends from college. Just oozing with fun. She also has the same exact frame as Jess. Too weird. People are strange.

i am so straightedge. straightedge to the maxxx. ian mackaye is my hero

So yeah, Emily smokes from time to time. It really doesnt bother me as much as other things have bothered me with other significant others. Wow, that is a lot of “other”. And the list could go on and on and on. But it does bother me a little. I just dont hope it becomes the thing that she always tries to hide from me. So one pet peve is pretty damn good. I guess a good comparison would be when “the guy” would leave the seat up. So there. Blah. I deal. Damn, it could be worse, she could have really dreadful taste in music and attire and have snaggleteeth. But she totally redeemed herself today and bought me flowers and sent them to work. Very clever and a great play on the traditional dating game. Bottom line was it was just a very tremendous thing to do. This girl can do no wrong.

Oberlin @ Eutaw:: Baltimore, MD


Emily and Cara:: Eating the stew

Otto and Tolya


Mat and Emily

Lulu:: the fatest cat in existance