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similia similibus curantur

Today I left work at 4.30pm to meet up in Rockville with the boss. It was a great drive in there. There was mad traffic. Typically traffic doesn’t bother me. It usually only does if i need to be somewhere, fast. Today I was getting to almost be late with all the traffic on 495. But I got to thinking. It’s been damn too long since I had recorded anything. I think I have been in this mental rut because of that. So in the car driving to Rockville I thought and made up my mind to finish my third record. MONS III. I still need a theme. My last record’s theme was the formation of all the moons in space. The one prior to that seemed to be just noise and single titled songs.

It is also very interesting how bizzarely different each record will sound based on the recording device, the instruments used and the ammount of takes used on each track. It seems that I am now using more instruments and less sonic factors. The first CD I made was all extrapolating sounds from typical surroundings and placing them in non-typical non-formulas. I even got chirping birds on the first one. No one would ever know it though. I also used a cassette four track for the sessions and used the first or second take for virtually every track, keeping all mistakes and whatnot.

On the second one, I focused more on instrumentation and design and form. I even experimented with more exotic keyboards and drum machines. For this I had the luxury of having Dr. Hewson Chen (from Transistor Theory and Vitesse fame) fund this recording. Basically he hooked me up with the digital recorder and a dope ass Roland JP-8000. A keyboard I will be soon investing in soon. This record had very little non-traditional sounds, except for the occational whale of a theremin. And yes, I just verb-ed “whale”.

This new MONS record is being recorded in more of a “recording studio” atmosphere. There is a mixing board. An ADAT. Patch cords flying every-which-way. The light is dim. The theremin is up high above the bi-amped speakers. It’s very cliche. The recordings are more jagged and dynamicly developed. There are SK1’s, and Vocoders. A few years ago I heard one in a Kraftwerk song, and later in a Trans Am song and had to have one. So I built one. Finally I get to use it on a MONS record. And not yet in the traditional way, per se. I have only used the vocoder on the drums. Very interesting. If you listen to the last track on the Joshua Tree you will hear the drums being vocoded. Very beautiful sounds.

I can’t wait to have an other child. I can feel this very strongly this time around. This baby is kicking to come out…