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i am so obsessed with his lifestyle

positive force - positiveforcedc (22k image)Things going on-

* went skiing on tuesday with work
* it snowed and i also went tubing
* my whole lower body is still pretty sore
* checking out the hotel in virginia today with katie for the shoot this weekend
* researching ad rates for various magazines
* listening to the butthole surfers
* still obsessed with 24
* i now have a second llc to my name
* attached to the new llc is an EIN
* this entity is quite lucrative
* just a few of these a month and i could quit my day job
* silver sessions is rocking me
* i have no motivation to put complete sentences here today
* echinacea tea rules
* february has been the most booked month since i graduated
* march is looking just as bad
* april looks like i might be able to breathe
* manny and olga’s rule!
* korg is cool but roland is cooler