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So You Think You Can Dance Sighting

Today we decided to head to our the mall. But we didn’t go to the ‘burbs. There is one at the Inner Harbor. Yeah, I guess that’s our local mall. We just realized we have a Banana Republic, GAP & Urban Outfitters all within 1.5 miles of where we live! We can walk there! But why it took this long to realize this fact is beyond me.

After getting lunch at the harbor in front of the USS Constellation we went to Urban Outfitters. I picked up a pair of gray cords, a pair of Levi’s 527, and two pairs of pinstripe slacks. Oh yeah, and a sweater vest and sweater hoodie. While walking around I noticed someone weirdly familiar. I couldn’t quite place it. But as soon as we checked out and were out the door, Emily turned to me and said, “Did you see the girl (Sabra) from So You Think You Can Dance?” I had thought she was from the Real World or some crap like that. Later Emily said there was another girl there who was also from the show.

It also adds to the effect considering Emily and Erika are out at the 1st Mariner Arena right now seeing the So You Think You Can Dance 2007 Tour. It’s cool, the next time the Monster Truck Rally comes through, Eric and I are on that shit. Wife-beater shirt and all. But secretly I am kind of envious they are there. The show is mildly awesome.

Oh and Lily just nodded off to bed peacefully. Holy crap!

LOST Season 3 Finale Thoughts

Was anyone else completely disapointed with last night’s LOST finale?

If this was Season 1, I doubt I’d have the interest to start again in the fall.

What did everyone else think?

Does everyone think that Charlie is really dead? And what’s up with him doing what he did. He didn’t have to die then, did he? He could have easily been on the other side of that hatch, right? What’s up with Jack and Freckles in the future? I guess they get off the island. I thought that was kind of obvious though. Is it really the future? We learn the freighter off the island is not related to Penny. But who is it related to? Eh.

This ending really was such a horrible cliffhanger. Unless I am missing something completely.

I guess my main frustration is that in the end of Season 1 and 2, there were semi-answers that led to serious questions. At the end of Season 3, we’re just kind of left with stale bread.

Law & Scooby

Has anyone else noticed that the last 3 minutes of a Law & Order episode is remarkably similar to that of the last 30 seconds of a Scooby Doo episode? It’s really uncanny.

In other news I was up at 4.30am this morning to let Feetnik out so she could catch the shuttle to BWI. I then tried to go back to sleep for an hour before I would have to get up again to get to the train station to go to DC. My latin teacher from high school once said that if you don’t get to see the sun rise, there is little to live for that day. While I don’t fully agree with that sentiment, after seeing the sun rise by train, it sure seems to make more sense.