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san diemos high school football rules

Soundtrack of the weekend: Smashing Pumpkins (circa 1989-1991,) UV Ray, Soul Coughing, Flaming Lips, Jonathan Richman, the Beatles, Poster Children, Stevie Wonder, the Who, & Lamb.

Last night i went to the University of Maryland vs. Middle Tennessee State University football game with my father. It was almost a father/son thing. Actually it was quite the father/son thing. And as you all may know, my alma mater is MTSU and my father’s is UMD. So it was funny. Or more ironic how I was cheering for UMD. Or maybe was it more weird that i was cheering in the first place. Hmmmm, that could be. My father did teach me about “downs” and “to go’s.” Football is a very complicated game. I just wish they could be more stylish. The tights are cool, but come one…they’re like 3/4 pants. It’s not like all football players are from Portland! Anyways…MTSU didn’t get their asses kicked, but the dirty south did loose as expected.

But alas is was fun hanging out with the Father, and letting the Father be the Father and doing Fatherly thing with the Son.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.