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i need hopeArg!

I have been waiting to see UNBREAKABLE since it was in the theatres…I didnt get to see it there or then….then I had to wait forever to watch it when it came out on video…it came out today…I went to the store after dinner to pick it up…I started watching it and halfway thru i had to move downstairs to finish it, cos Mom wanted her room back…along the way downstairs I dropped the video on the floor…it shattered in 100 pieces….arg…i hate shit like this…

I just wanna watch the movie! I almost lost it…but i tried to fix it downstairs…but that didnt work. So fuck it. I think this is either a message from god that I am clumsy or that I need to invest in a DVD Player. I read somewhere that VCRs have the most moving parts of anything in your house. So needless to say I am now sitting here in front of the computer with nothing to do.

Why are my friends so fucking predictable? Why dont they ever randomly go to the beach? Why dont they go to the movies? Why dont they go to an art show? Why dont they go to the park? Why dont they go play golf? I think I am having more fun with people at work. I am going to see this movie on Thursday. It’s called HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT. Or something. But random, unexplained shit like that rocks. Or maybe it’s just a rhetorical question that can never be answered. I am really feeling a large change coming in my life. Something definately has to change. I feel dumb. I feel I havent learned anything in a long time. Maybe I just need to build another Theremin. Soldering definitely makes me feel better. Or at least creating something from nothing. I also think I want a Polaroid. I think I need something more immediate in my life. This could be it. It could be my summer project outside of getting my label set up. I think those I-Zones are what I am gonna end up getting, but they are way trendy. I wonder what I’ll do. I’ll prolly pass on it, unless I can find a silver one. Or not. Or. I. I. I. I.

One week from today I wont be sitting where I am now. Instead I will be en route to my vacation destination. I cant tell you how excited I will be to get away for even this short time I will have. This must be the place. Or at least the time for me. I deserve it. I deserve something good. Or even better. And I pray there are no women asian drivers there. God I hope so…Wow, two god references already in my post. Hrmph.

notdoitdoitdoug: hi hi
mat hello!
notdoitdoitdoug: do wa dididi dum di do
mat there she was?
notdoitdoit doug: just a walkin’ down the street
notdoitdoitdoug: singin’
notdoitdoitdoug: do wa dididi dum di do
mat you got the flavah
notdoitdoitdoug: do i?
mat u do
notdoitdoitdoug: i can kick out the jams my friend

(and shit like that fucking rules)