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Lily Sleeping On Me

Lily Sleeping On Me This Afternoon

We’re on vacation here at Atwood Lake in Mineral City, OH at Emily’s Aunt and Uncle’s house. I call it Devoland. I know it’s nowhere near where they are from, but it’s still Devoland to me. Regardless of the name, it’s a vacation place we can come to and can totally and completely relax. Speaking of Devo, it turns out that Emily’s cousin-in-law’s boss is Jim Mothersbaugh. I need to get my hump-on.

The Real OC

Ocean City, MD from the view of our balcony

There’s something about coming to Ocean City. It’s something most every person from the DC or Baltimore area does during the summer at some point. It’s just something we do. I’ve been coming here almost every summer since I was a child. And now we’ve been coming here more often than not just on the outside of the main season, so it’s quiet, but it’s not completely dead.

We seem to always end up:

  1. Eating at Dumser’s
  2. Playing pinball at Trimper’s
  3. Seeing awesomely airbrushed t-shirts with names like “Amber” and the like
  4. Staying in quirky hotels
  5. People watching
  6. Playing a round Old Pro Mini Golf (Not sure we’ll hit it this time)
  7. Enjoying every breath taken from the ocean air
  8. Taking pictures of our feet and ourselves on the beach
  9. Shopping at the Outlets. This time however, for the first time, we only bought clothes for someone other than ourselves. Osh Kosh B’Gosh, Carters and other various baby stores were at hand and taken advantage of. Baby clothes shopping is the best shopping ever. We didn’t even feel left out not buying clothes for myself. Not to mention GAP (you know, where white people shop) kinda sucked.
  10. Seeing a Hasid at a tattoo joint on the boardwalk. Something was not right there. This has never happened before. And probably ever will again. I just had to note it this time.
  11. Bringing on the rainy weather. This time however, it’s been a little chilly and mildly overcast at times, but it’s been rather pleasant and sunny and blue skies, for the most part.

Strangely, this will be our last vacation as a duo. Next year, we’ll be with baby doing most of the same things above. Yay!

Liberal Dog Sleep

So it’s just about 7.35am on Saturday morning.

I am writing this from our “Vacation Home.” That is, my Father and Mother In-Law’s place in Baltimore. Bodymore?

There is nothing better than our vacation home. Cable Television. Central Air. Lots of good organic food. Dogs. And quiet. Not to mention hours of good Bob/Nan-talk.

Yes, I should be sleeping, but I seem to wake up at 7am on the weekends as my body clock says, “Hey doooode, you were supposed to get up almost 30 minutes ago, bitch. Get your ass up and start working for the man.”

But I’ve already been out to walk the Frankie and she’s sound asleep again on the pull-out bed. I wish I could sleep that liberally.

PS. This would have been bad ass to see last night in New York:

Prince and Maceo Parker - New York - 1prince.jpg
Prince Suprise guest at NY Maceo Parker show