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so i said fuck you. i ordered a coke.

lick my ovaries - ovum (5k image)Friday:: Me, Emily and her friend Karen went to see the Vagina Monologues. Funny as fuck. And made me realize yet again how oppressed and repressed women are. I dont think i’ve said the word Vagina so many times about talking about it after. After the show we went to Ixia. Which is just this overtly pretentious restaurant. The food is pretty good however. But this time we just went so Karen could see her friend that she hadnt seen in years. For the drink list they only that all these crazy coffee’s. Nothing simple. Why is it that simple things in life just dont exist in food anymore? Everything has to be “Extra latte” “Extra cheese” “con frijoles” — eh. Still bugs me. Perhaps why i dont like mixed drinks and why i like organic foods so much. Regardless. So i said fuck you. I ordered a coke. There are lots of gay waiters there. At least Emily thinks so. I just think they are bulky and boring. Eh. It was fun meeting Karen and smoking a Guillioses smoke with her.

[03/18/02 06:31 PM] [] :: A search was performed for “the lame creator of this site” (0 matches) Yer famous! dsl092-165-152.wdc1.dsl.speakeasy.net is a genious.

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mat: have a lame day

Saturday we went to the farmers market and then to Safeway to get some stuff for Emily for the week. And i got some Chocolate Soy Milk. Yum. Then we just sorta hung out and Emily gave me a good haircut until Karen came back. Or did we pick her up? I forget. We then went to Sputnik Cafe. We ate some yum yums and tried the new salad that really rocked. And then i used the bathroom there for the first time (just a #1). Much dirtier than i had planned. And what was up with the bad pianist? Not sure what it was, but whatever i ate bore a hole through my colon and had to make a pit stop at the local NW DC McDonalds and stunk up their facilities. Too bad, cos the food was good. I guess the sewer system is now enjoying it! When we got to 930 Club we got there just as the Nashville Pussy had ended. I was still a little “pooh-ey” if you will and felt mad queezy. It didnt help the club was over packed, hot and smokey. We got some drinks and headed for the back of the club and i ducted back to the bathroom to finish some more business. And as soon as i got up to flush, i turn around and see the door is wide open with someone expecting it to be vacant. I got the “elevator” and he promptly said “sorry dude” and shut the door. I then proceeded to wipe my ass. Then the Reverend Horton Heat came on and rocked me! They rules, but we were exhausted and left a little earlier than planned.

Sunday was lazy recoup day. We just had a lite breakfast and hung with Karen a little then dropped her at the Bus Station. Then Emily and me rented a few movies. I still kinda felt like shit, so i decided i would call in tomorrow morning sick. I so needed that. Good political tactics Emily.

Monday i took a sick day. Definitely more of a mental health day. I needed it. I needed something different. Too many “case of the monday’s” moday’s. So be it. We ran errands and went to a great deli for a late lunch. Emily looked up pantone colors for her business cards and i played with my new 6×6 camera that makes no sense to me. Well it sorta does. In fact it makes perfect sense. I just dont get that red window in the back. Bah!

That’s about it. Fun weekend. I really enjoyed meeting Karen. Very cool person. Very tall too. Very down to earth. Very different than her other friends. Totally cant see why they havent seen each other in so long. Time to clean the room.