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and you know what i am talking about

britney spears - britney_spears_2 (20k image)My subject for this post and what i wrote in a one liner in a past post (two posts ago, i think) has to do with something pertaining to a co-worker. Of course their names will remain anonymous because we dont need anymore drama. Soooooooooo, this girl at work has this boyfriend that totally overreacted to the fact that she was writing about him in her web journal. She didnt even use his name (first, last or both) and he was saying how she betrayed him, etc. Stuff about trust, blah blah. It’s just so crazy how seriously people take themselves. Shit, i dont know the full story nor do i really care to. But it just amazes me how people think. Or dont. Like people really give a shit about you. And i do like this guy too, so dont get me wrong. He is a nice guy. Sure i dont necessarily like the music he creates, but he sure is good at what he does. Shit, i guess she better call and then blame the people who make the phone book. Cos he’s all up in that shit. And that’s her fault too.

In other news I am now moving on to Comedy Central in my office cos VH1 really just repeats all their content throughout the day. It’s like how much Celine Dion can you take? Jesus christ. And if she covers anymore AC/DC songs I am going to go postal. But in a good way, cos Postal Workers get a bad rep.

And just yesterday we reworked our proposal/contract to do another shoot for Clear Channel. So it’s approved after a few days of rewriting. We’re shooting the Rock and Sports Experience and will be taking home some nice pocket change. Shit, and the film stills for this upcoming movie. The gigs are coming. I like this. Now we just have to get enough gigs where I wont have to have a day job. I am loving it.