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civilengineercorps (6k image)Some day my life will slow down to a pace where I can take a breath. I mean there is nothing wrong with being busy, but it’s a little out of control.

So Saturday morning we took Mulligan to the Vet cos she had some allergy sores on her face. She gets them from time to time, cos she’s prolly allergic to me, or something. But it got a little out of hand. The doctor gave us some antibiotics and some topicals… I think Mulligan is depressed now. She’s very sullen and withdrawn now. Well luckily it’s only for a week. After the ‘vet I had to go to pick up the pictures from the Elliott Smith tribute show. I had been meaning to do that forever. But getting approved for a mortage was taking priority. Luckily that’s over with now and we know what we can afford. Which ain’t too shabby. I was pretty suprised. And while I picked up the pictures Emily went to the Post Office to drop off some half.com/ebay stuff. Then we headed over to Fredneck (Frederick) to help our friend, Lance, move his girliefriend in with him. I had never seen so many people help someone move. It was a nice thing. I wish our friends were that nice. (hint hint) And then we came home and napped before going to Eric and Erika’s housewarming. They had a clothing exchange there. It was pretty excellent and we made out with some nice clothes. We’re so stealing that idea for our next housewarming.

Sunday I went over to my parents house to dicuss more details with house stuff and learned some more about contracts and mortages. This stuff is facsinating and I want to learn as much as possible before we dive a few hundred thousand dollars in to a house. Oh and before that I talked to my friend Buddy. It’s always good to chat with him. It had been a few weeks. So after that I headed back to Fredneck to check out Eric’s bands. For some reason they practice in a farm in the country. It’s beautiful land out there, but i would go crazy living out there. The bands were pretty cool and it was nice to be back in to the audio again. They hired me to do live sound for their show next week which will be a snap. And their drummer told me about some jobs they have opening up at the Levine School of Music in DC. They have a studio there and he might hook me up with some night and weekend work there. Finally i’ll get to work in a field I truely love.

shmellowpie: Once upon a time, I used to know this guy who I called Mat. But I used to call him Mat, for short. Anyway, this guy and I… well, we had some wild times together… well, I won’t get into any graphic details, but it involved a carosel and a blender. I think there was a handmade knitted scarf in there as well, but things get hazy over the years. Needless to say, I miss talking to him.

And today I brought in my Father’s reel to reel tapes that he recorded there on a small battery powered field recorder from late ’66 to late ’67. My friend Shock, who does all the production for DC101 is good with audio restoration. So he’s totally helping me if not manning this whole project. They were 1/2″ tapes he made during his term in Vietnam where he was stationed in Siagon. He made the tapes to send home to his parents living in Queens, NY. He was a Lt. in the Navy as a Civil Engineer, which was part of the Civil Engineering Corps. The tapes are a fascinating time in history and probably havent seen the light of day in almost 35 years. A total time warp. The main problems incurred were that #1, the machine used to record was battery operated and as the batteries wore out the speed would slow down. So we are having to correct pitch frequently. Even if he used AC power, the cycles are off in other countries. Typically USA cycles are 60hz. But most other countries are 50hz. #2, The tape is close to 40 years old and isn’t the best fidelity therefore we’re having to do a ton of noise reduction. #3, Since he was out there literally in the field, there is a lot of wind noise which sounds very rumbly. So a nice high pass filter corrects that nastiness. Taking out all frequencies below 110hz seems to do the trick. All in all the tapes are pretty meticulously labeled in chonological order. 24 tapes in all. The appearace of the actual tape is wonderful. No flaking. No stretching. No need to bake them. Very amazing for tape this old. But not unexpected from an engineer. Maybe when me and Shock are done working on them, I’ll mp3 them for here.