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Michael Jackson’s White Glove Up For Auction

Jacko's white glove
To me it’s kind of amazing when a celebrity item goes for bid in an auction. Not to mention it’s Jacko’s white glove. You’d think this item would be some sort of evidence for a pending case. I know that’s an unfair statement as I don’t know the man personally. Hell, I don’t even know him haphazardly! But I don’t really care. I reckon it’s not a fake, and it’s legit. However $250,000 is a bit steep to have a part of Michael Jackson. In fact that’s the worst and least efficient way to get close to Michael Jackson. We all know the easiest way and that doesn’t involve someone who can afford a $250,000 white glove.

My question is for $250,000 you’d think you’d get both gloves! Jacko is a cheapo.