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Simple Math

So we’re spending about $341 million a day on this horrid unnecessary lost war.

If we stopped funding it for about 146 days. Every American could have health care for a year based on Obama’s health care plan. He decided to just tax the rich. Now that’s something I can get behind.

And to think this is sort of how our school system and libraries got their start. Ooooh scary! Socialism. It’s bad. BAD! But kinda good.

Give War A Chance

Today after seeing my fresh nephew and neice in Westminster we dropped by my mother-in-law and boyfriend’s place down the street. There were some “protesters” out with a sign that read: “Give War A Chance” – I am not shitting you. They were serious. I think. And they waved to cars driving by, like they were campaigning.

This is why I don’t live in the country. It’s pretty but the folk scare me out there.

PS. Have we also not given war a chance? If 5 years not enough maybe another 3,000 soldiers dead will be enough for you?

Jeffrey Hyman = Joey Ramone

It is official. Emily and I went to Social Security in Baltimore to change our last names yesterday. We officially both have two last names, after we both added each others last names. I am so happy about my new last name. FYI, no hyphen, just a space. Thank you very much. It was amazingly easy and the woman at the office was incredibly friendly and helpful. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes. We did get married over a year ago, but it’s better late than never. In reality we waited this long because we thought we’d need court orders for me changing my name. It sounded like it would be horrific for me to do that. Amazing how sexist the rules are for men to change their name and women simply sign on the dotted line. But I think that’s only on paper. A great early birthday gift, indeed.

In other news, what the fuck is up with Bush Jr’s new plan for sending MORE troops to Iraq? I don’t get it. Maybe I am not a politician, but one would think one would have learned from the past about forcing other countries a democracy. It’s simply a suicide plan. Sorry Bush, I can’t agree with your so-called plan for victory.

In more positive and inventive news, the iPhone and iTV from Apple look amazingly useful. The iPhone, as expected, looks awesome. Hopefully by the time the prices come down on it, other networks will be taking advantage of it. $499 is a little steep for a mobile phone, but I guess those Treos aren’t much cheaper and for what it does, it’s design and inclusion of OSX, it’s probably worth it.