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The Red Room is cleaned. Windows, radiators, floor and molding, to name a few of the many. Emily is beside herself. It really is breathtaking. This room is like no other. PS. Thanks Eric/Erika for the picture & frame!


And below is the NEW closet with 3 closet rods (well, there are going to be three – There is one above that you can’t see and there will be one more installed at knee level, perhaps tomorrow.) The fancy washer can be seen to the left. Now we just need to install the molding. Shit that’s a lot of white. Perhaps the most white in our house. Well, of course next to Emily’s Rick Astley cassette. Yay. And yes, I am mad proud of my new closet rods I just installed. Mad proud. Can I get an ‘Amen?’


Home DePoke Me In The Ass

Does anyone else feel like giving a shotgun a blowjob after walking in to Home Depoop?

This time we were there less than 60 minutes and I started getting moderately suicidal.

In other (and good) news our new washer/dryer came yesterday. It’s so pretty and new and front-loading. We’re so efficient, it makes me sick. And yes, I’ve already done 2 loads. Hurt me.