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just shoot your gun, you’ll never change

sandra (16k image)Last night was a good night. It was the first night I printed an 11×14″ print. In fact I printed two of them. I’ve only printed up to 8×10″ in my 13 years of photography. Goddam, you’d think i’d be better after 13 long years. But whatever, i still have a good time. So last night I picked up Emily from the Metro station and we went to Comp USA to get business cards for the record label. Then we came back home and I had a corn dog (feeling white trash, on ya ass), and Emily had some left over Vegetable Garden and Laura had some soup. So after dinner we had dessert. We had these graham cracker stick things with that new Skippy peanut butter and chocolate spread. It was fucking amazing. I dont think Emily nor Laura were that impressed. Perhaps they were just fixated on their upcoming poo’s.

Regardless they went in the other room to watch the WEST WING, while i went down stairs to pour chemicals in the trays and figure out a way to wash my prints in my new darkroom. I figured the best way was in the shower. Genius of displacement. So since i just sold a new print and i hadnt ever enlarged it to a 12×18″ (the size the purchaser wanted) i decided to give it a test run at 11×14″ to see how the grain was at that size. It actually turned out much better than expected even in black and white. So Jesse will be a happy camper. As will i. Woot! Other than burning the f out of two test strips everything went really well. It’s nice to be back in the dark room. It’s been almost 5 years since I was last in one. So fucking cool it’s mine and Emily’s. Oh yeah, and i spilled a little print developer on the floor while i was putting the chemicals back in their respecitve containers and me and Emily wiped it up. But in the morning today it turns out i didnt clean it enough as there are brown stains all over the floor. Oops. At least it cleans up quickly. Or maybe it was darkroom poo.

And yesterday I took off work early as they were doing backups of the servers in San Antonio and shut our backend admin off and there was nothing I could do after 3pm so I left shortly after that. I went to the cleaners to pick up one of Emily’s jackets and then to Tower to pick up a CD or two. I picked up U2’s 2nd Greatest Hits, that double cd of A sides and B sides. Plus it even came with a bonus DVD. Too bad i dont have one of those things yet. Oh well. Good stuff though. Cant go wrong. And then I thought about the last time i was at Tower and what i was contemplating buying and it was that new Beck record “Sea Change”. Personally, i’ve never been a Beck fan. Those people who liked Beck scared me. But this new record is so unlike commercial Beck. It’s a kinder gentler Beck. So i decided to pick it up as it would be great driving music to Philly this weekend as it would be in the darkroom. So chill. So quiet. So un-Beck. So good. Ok, back to work.

P.S. MONSiii is gonna rock you.

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