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Idiot’s Rule

Besides Summertime Rolls by Jane’s Addiction being the best song, ever, Trader Joe’s Chocolate Meringues are so incredibly awesome. Awesome, I tell you.

In case you forgot:

On the contrary we’re installing Windows (via Parallels) later tonight for Emily’s design work. This, my friend, is a scary moment. Sadly, it’s still a necessary evil in the world of design. Wish her luck and pray the Mac doesn’t die. I give it two weeks. Any bets?

PS. [11:38pm] She’s doing the install for XP and Firefox crashed. This is not looking good.
PPS. [11:58pm] Force quit #1. The install crashed. Go Windows!
PPS. [11:59pm] She’s trying the install again. But I am going to bed.
PPPS. [12:20pm] The first install actually worked, it just crashed at the end. After those first initial hiccups everything is functioning fine.