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Class of 1995

Mat with Amy G.

My 10 Year High School Reunion (photos here) was tonight. I was pretty apprehensive about going. But I made it there. Still not sure why I was so nervous, I guess it’s just weird seeing people you haven’t seen in ages and their impressions of you and what you can actually talk to these people about.

It was actually much more interesting than the 5 Year Reunion. I guess not much happens after 5 years. However, the same cliques were in effect, which didn’t surprise me. And a few random people came up to me like we were best buds. Beer, I am sure, had a part in it. But it was, at least, amusing. I never believed in cliques and tried to be friends with whomever. Of course, except for a few homophobic jocks. I am a freaking hippie. But even hippies can’t be friends with everyone. It’s just best to keep drama to a minimum.

So yeah, it was a pleasant surprise going and seeing everyone and matching everyone’s profiles on the 10 Year Website. Speaking of the website. The guys who developed it kept stats and gave awards for people who looked stalked it the most. I was totally convinced that I would get the award for the person to look at it the most, but I actually didn’t even make the Top 10. I was pretty surprised considering I was pretty obsessed with it. In fact, I did get an award, but it was for my pictures and people viewing my pictures the most. I was the only boy to make the list. Amazing.

Anyways… As usual after the event (which seems to be a tradition now) Jamie and myself went to the movies and saw, “Walk the Line.” It was amazing. Not amazing amazing. But Joaquin Phoenix completely nailed Johnny’s voice. Completely. Totally makes me want to crank the Cash. Like now. But it’s after 2am and it’s past my bedtime.

Until the 20 Year.