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deux poignets absorbants swoosh

nike wrist bands - and yes, i am cooler than you. (10k image)Date: 8/20/2002 02:26
From: mribbens@ucla.edu
To: mat@scug.net
Subject: SCUG Email Comment

Hi, I’m a member of the Mars Society (www.marssociety.org) and I’m helping set up the international conference for next year in Eugene, Oregon. I heard that Soul Coughing has expressed some interest in space and I’d like to beg them to come up next August (dates yet to be finalized) and play a benefit gig for the night. How might I persuade this worthy group? Thanx, Meghann

I guess what they dont know wont hurt them. But seriously, kind of a strange email considering where the Olympus Mons is.

Today during lunch i picked up some wrist bands and i am going to singlehandedly bring back wrist bands. I went to lunch with Nelissa and Tony. Nelly had stuff to return at Express and we looked in at Claire’s and some other various mall type stores. It’s getting closer and closer to my vacation. I am getting more and more excited.

This morning i woke up early to come in to take pictures of our listeners getting Mullet hair cuts. It seemed very Hot 99.5. Sorta like one of the stunts they would do. It was just really silly. And then RATT was supposed to come in, but their bus driver said he wouldnt drive them from Baltimore. The stench held them back. I just thought that was kind of funny. But tomorrow i’ll be shooting their show with LA Guns, Dokken (yes, i know!), Firehouse and Warrrant. Yes Warrant. God it’s good to be in radio. Or something like that.


Joey O: the test begins
mat: what test?
mat: ?
Joey O: Fight Test 🙂
mat: what are u talking about?
Joey O: the first song on the Flaming Lips CD…
mat: oooooooooooooh
mat: 🙂
Joey O: hehehe
mat: i am a little slow
mat: today
Joey O: doh