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Manifesti Do’s and Dont’s

Communist Bakesale @ Manifesti

Well Saturday was a strange, strange day.

We packed up the car around 9am to get to somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Virginia. We were playing a festival in the middle of the day. It had potential to be awesome. We had known some headlining bands had canceled due to the lack of organization with the promoters and designers of the show. So we knew going in to this it might clearly be a bust. But we made clear to the organizers that we’d play provided we were done and out of there at a certain time as we had another show already booked that night at a club in Harper’s Ferry. I was pretty pissed about the whole ordeal, but such is life. I didn’t let it ruin our excellent mini-roadtrip.

So needless to say, we got to the site in Virginia at about 2pm and they didn’t even have a shelter over the stage or a sound system set up. It was also a good 200 feet from the so-called parking lot to the stage and you had to cross a creek with plywood as a bridge. It was just a little too “rustic” and “lazy hippie” for me. Great idea. Horrible implementation. So we regretfully bailed as we did not want to make bad on our obligation to the show in WV.

Luckily the show in WV went great. We had a good showing. We made some cash. Thanks Lance and Scott and Allyson and Bonnie. You all rule for coming all the way out. Real hardcore troopers.

Oh yeah and Friday we went to Loreal Plaza in Adam’s Morgan with David and Catherine and Kelly. It was fun. And yummy and good times!