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Zahar w/ Hassan Hakmoun & Yuval Gabay

Before Soul Coughing, Yuval Gabay was in a Moroccan funk outfit called Zahar based out of New York City. Hasaan Makmoun was on sintir. A sintir is similar in sound to that of a banjo and an upright bass combined. It’s an incredible sound and you’ll hear it in this video. Not to mention that Hasaan is well crafted in his playing of this instrument. Yuval played drums, appeared to have long hair and had more than one tom on his drum kit. And as always, played like a champ. Hahn Rowe was on guitar. And good guitar he played, considering a guitarist in this type of group could instantly be annoying as all hell.I am not sure specifically what it is. Perhaps it’s the mix of traditional and modern instruments. Perhaps it’s the funky beats. Perhaps it’s the wild sound of the sintir. Whatever they are creating, their interpretations of Moroccan Gnawa sounds are spectacular. I am not sure what else to say about this band other than you should pick their debut record . It’s on Knitting Factory Records and it’s moving and wonderful. You can purchase this CD below from Amazon: