reading the paper

A letter I never sent to a friend while I was in Texas, but still kept in my day-planner (yes, I own a day-planner. Shut up.):

Hello, schmuffin: (no, YOURA SCHMUFFIN…)
Hit the Alamo yesterday (I told you I would) & it’s so bizarre, because it really is in the middle of the downtown. I always thought it wasn’t near malls and office buildings, but out in the desert somewhere. I so wanted to call from a payphone out front a la “Pee Wee”, but I didn’t have any quarters. Or a calling card. Nor was there a payphone there, anyway. Stupid Hollywood liars. Then did the Riverwalk and ended up at a faux-Australian (g’day) bar where a fat guy playing the bass (those big things that stand up? They’re bass’, right?) bought me a Fosters. It was that or the military weekenders, WWYD? The whole time I felt weird, because it was all wrong- it should have been a XX or Corona. The world was all wrong, just because of the Fosters. Anyhoo, Keep the Faith, say hi to the rangers for me. Things still on fire? PS A little birdie told me you have like a 4.3 or something. Show off. L.

Other Stuff:

I want cut my hair so very very badly. Maybe have some bleaching be involved. I’m talking to ½ “. I feel like instead of looking like a rock goddess, I’d end up looking like…a librarian. Or a soccer mom. Meh.

When I was little, my brother and The Twins (neighbor girls conveniently filling up the age gap between my brother and I) made up a game. It was called Missing Triangle Man. I think we got the name of the game from the WonderWorks/PBS special on “The House of Dies Drier,” which I think was a ghost/slave story. Anyway, we made this game up and then pretended that the Twins father was the bad guy- the Triangle Man. (Yes, this was years before They Might be Giants. I take credit.)

The twins father ended up being gay, the mother and him got divorced. I wonder where the Twins are now.

PS Joanna Vaught consistently kicks ass.

PPS I know a kid named George who always wears a pin that has the face on Jason Priestly on it, and it says “WWBD?” (What Would Brandon Do?) I don’t see that kid enough. He’s playing with the Pietasters now, mebbe? Fame does that to you.

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