Stories from my living room

kristen is a butterfly girl!OM Fest officially ended at 4:00. Mat and Jess got into the red Taurus and headed back to their homes. The weekend started with the two getting here with minimal difficulty, quite a nice thing! We brought the “computer” up only making two trips. We started to set the computer up, “we” being Jessica and myself – always the girls who are motivated. Mat tried to take a nap on the futon, but was compelled to “over-see” the whole project. We put the computer together in 5 minutes flat, teamwork, yay! Then we realised that my apartment is set up for technology in the same way that an Amish colony is, so we had to move and unplug everything and ghetto rig so poorly that we had to crawl underneath the wires to get into the bathroom. Quite, the interesting experience.

We then went to Mike’s Diner on Ditmars Blvd. to figure out the modem problems we were having (and also to eat some good food)! The waiter was the same one that always serves me, this time he was wearing AquadiGio *sigh* . This was where I came up with the term that will now be used for Mat and Jessica as a whole, they are now referred to as “The Lactaid Twins”. Every meal we ate we had to confirm that there was enough Lactaid for the both of them, I felt like I was with my Great-Grandparents;). The lactaid twins got to see me swoon over the cologne the waiter was wearing. (*note: I was not swooning over the waiter, but the cologne that must emit pheremones of astronomical proportions.)

Saturday morning I woke up to solve my modem issues, little did I know that I would be walking half way to the other side of Queens, and going to seven or eight different stores. Finally, I found a Best Buy and I heard the angels from heaven singing, it was like discovering Mecca for the very first time. I scored the modem and walked back. We had a few more internet connection issues and then suddenly it all clicked together and in about ten minutes I was online. Ah, the day my apartment got the internet. That afternoon we went to a free comedy show, then to dinner where I ordered corn fritters, but somehow received a pancake filled with corn. Then we went to a dive pool hall in the west village and I played half a game of very poor pool and then ping-pong.

T his morning I woke up to Latin Dance Party in the apartment next to my bedroom, clearly this did not brighten my day. I woke up in a huff and was insanely hungry. We went to Mike’s Diner one more time where we had a shitty waiter and a little kid sitting next to us saying, “Mommy, why are they looking at me? Please, make them stop looking at me.” Then I went on a huge rant about how I want kids which turned quite dismal when I decided maybe I didn’t want kids as much as I want a Jack Russel Terrier, far less expensive, time consuming, and physically painful. We came home where and we set up my computer in a way that is masterfully planned for the laziest person on the planet, moi. I have my computer on one side of the desk and my television and vcr on the other. I am so close to the television that I don’t need a remote, however I’m so lazy that I have been using it anyway. Clearly, this is not healthy and if I continue to live my life in such a manner I will be dead by the time I can legally drink. Or I’ll just need a stronger prescription of glasses every month.

In all, Olympus-Mons Fest was one more hit of fun, sarcasm, and lots of blantant Jewish jokes. Now, I have a computer, can post on OM BBS and still not have to move an inch or strain my neck to see the television. Life is good and I hope I don’t become recluse within my comfort zone.

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